Giant Iguana

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Unmade Monster
Giant Iguana
Giant Iguana

Species Iguana
Alternate names None
Planned for Reigon: Devil of the Seabed
Concept history Gappa

Giant Iguana (イグアナ,   Iguana) is an unmade iguana kaiju from the unmade 1966 Nikkatsu film, Reigon: Devil of the Seabed.


Iguana was a giant iguana.


Reigon: Devil of the Seabed

The Giant Iguana appeared at one point to engage the giant stingray Reigon in mortal combat.[1]

The Giant Iguana and Reigon were scrapped along with their film and replaced with Gappa, the Triphibian Monster.


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Keizer Zilla

7 days ago
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Judging by the time Gappa was made I'm assuming they would have just used an actual Iguana for filming, And brought a stingray on land for it to kill. They used an Octopus for Goji vs. Kong so it's likely.
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