Crystal Godzilla

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Crystal Godzilla
Crystal Godzilla concept art by Shinichiro Kobayashi
Species Extraterrestrial crystalline Godzilla clone
Forms Space form, combat form, mature form
Relations Godzilla (cell source)
Enemies Godzilla
Planned for Godzilla vs. NeoGodzilla
Concept history Emperor GhidorahAstroGodzillaCrystal GodzillaSpaceGodzilla - Dead Kamoebas.jpg [citation(s) needed] This article is missing references.
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This article is about the predecessor to SpaceGodzilla. For CrystalGodzilla, the similarly named creature from Godzilla vs. Godzilla, see Ghost Godzilla.

Crystal Godzilla (クリスタル・ゴジラ,   Kurisutaru Gojira) is an unused monster from Shinichiro Kobayashi's 1994 script Godzilla vs. NeoGodzilla. A further development of the AstroGodzilla monster included in the previous Godzilla vs. AstroGodzilla idea, Crystal Godzilla introduced the crystalline element that would ultimately be carried over into the final SpaceGodzilla creature.[1]


While the script it appeared in was called Godzilla vs. NeoGodzilla, the monster itself is identified as "Crystal Godzilla." A similarly named monster, CrystalGodzilla (クリスタルゴジラ,   Kurisutarugojira), spelled without an interpunct, appeared as a form of Ghost Godzilla in later proposals for the final Heisei Godzilla film.[2]


Shinichiro Kobayashi's concept artwork for Crystal Godzilla depicts him with three different forms. The monster's space form is simply a gigantic pointed crystal. Its combat form heavily resembles Godzilla himself but covered in crystalline growths, with two gigantic crystals on its shoulders that function like wings and smaller crystals on its hips. Its final mature form largely resembles the combat form, but with even more pronounced crystalline growths on its body and massive crystalline spikes on its head.


Shinichiro Kobayashi, previously responsible for writing the original story for 1989's Godzilla vs. Biollante, wrote a new script in January 1994 titled Godzilla vs. NeoGodzilla which further developed the existing Godzilla vs. AstroGodzilla concept for the sixth Heisei Godzilla film. Kobayashi introduced the idea of Godzilla's extraterrestrial doppelganger, previously named AstroGodzilla, being crystalline in nature. Re-named Crystal Godzilla, the monster filled largely the same role in the story. Kobayashi developed concept artwork of Crystal Godzilla, depicting it with three different forms.

Kobayashi's draft would be replaced by another story, Godzilla Super Wars, which changed Crystal Godzilla's name to SpaceGodzilla, a name which would carry over to the final film. The final SpaceGodzilla creature combined Kobayashi's crystal-based concepts for NeoGodzilla with Minoru Yoshida's Super Godzilla design.


Crystal Godzilla has three different forms: Space, Combat, and Mature.

Space Form


In its space form, Crystal Godzilla can fly.


Crystal Godzilla is encased in crystals as armor.

Combat Form


Crystal Godzilla has wings in its combat form that enable it to fly .

Crystal manipulation

Crystal Godzilla can manipulate the crystals on its body, expanding and contracting them.

Mature Form

Body crystals

Crystal Godzilla has layers of crystals for defense.


Crystal Godzilla can fly.


  • "CrystalGodzilla" was the name of an alternate form of Ghost Godzilla featured in drafts for Godzilla vs. Godzilla, a series of concepts for the final Heisei Godzilla film. Despite the similar names, CrystalGodzilla and Crystal Godzilla are two separate concepts.


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