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Monga concept art
Species Flying squirrel-like creature
Planned for Gamera vs. Guiron
Concept history MongaSpace Gyaos

Monga (モンガ) is an unused kaiju originally intended to appear in the 1969 Gamera film Gamera vs. Guiron.


Monga's Japanese name (モンガ) comes from that of the Japanese dwarf flying squirrel or momonga (モモンガ) (Pteromys momonga).


Monga is a monster that would have had dark blue fur, naked skin membranes between its legs, ox-like horns on its head, and a mace-like club on the tip of its tail.


Showa era

Gamera vs. Guiron (original draft)

One of the indigenous lifeforms of Terra, Monga would likely have filled a role similar to Space Gyaos's in the final film.



Monga's sole known ability was that it would be able to glide through the air using the naked skin membranes between its legs, much like Varan.



  • Monga was replaced by Space Gyaos in the finished film, most likely for budgetary reasons. Daiei simply chose to repaint the Gyaos suit from Gamera vs. Gyaos silver rather than create an entirely new suit for Monga.
  • Monga is one of two unmade kaiju to be based on flying squirrels, with the other one being Nikkatsu Corporation's Momonra. It is unknown if this is more than just a coincidence, as Momonra's debut film was going to be released in 1966, three years before the release of Gamera vs. Guiron.


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