King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla

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King of Monsters:
Resurrection of Godzilla
Cover of the story proposal for King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla
Planned 1977
Concept history King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla
U.S.-Japan Collaboration: Godzilla
A Space Godzilla
God's Godzilla
Godzilla Legend: The Asuka Fortress
Resurrection of Godzilla (1980)
Star Godzilla
Resurrection of Godzilla (1983)
The Return of Godzilla

King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla (KING of MONSTERS ゴジラの復活,   Kingu obu Monsutāzu Gojira no Fukkatsu) is an unrealized 1977 proposal for a new Godzilla film. Set to be directed by Jun Fukuda with a screenplay by Ryuzo Nakanishi, the film would have revived the Godzilla series following its hiatus begun after the release of Terror of Mechagodzilla. Elements from this story eventually contributed to The Return of Godzilla in 1984.


Godzilla attacks a terrorist-occupied nuclear power plant in Shizuoka.[1][2]


After Terror of Mechagodzilla was released in 1975, the Godzilla series entered a hiatus. Producer Tomoyuki Tanaka planned to resume the series, and quickly rushed King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla into production once the proposal was submitted in 1977. Jun Fukuda was set to direct the film while Ryuzo Nakanishi was to write the screenplay, with Tanaka producing. For whatever reason, the production was abandoned, and the writer-director-producer team ended up working on The War in Space instead. Still, elements from King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla would end up resurfacing in later proposals, specifically the concept of a solo Godzilla film in which Godzilla is once again a villain and attacks a nuclear power plant. These elements would be key in deciding the direction of the end result of Tanaka's series resumption plan: The Return of Godzilla. The monster Shockirus also appeared in this story, though it was a giant tick rather than a sea louse at this stage.[1]


This is a list of references for King of Monsters: Resurrection of Godzilla. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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