Makoto Hayashida

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Makoto Hayashida
Makoto Hayashida
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Biophysicist
Related to Naoko Okumura (assistant)
First appearance The Return of Godzilla
Played by Yosuke Natsuki
Matthew Oram (voice; English dub)
Paul Wilson (voice; Godzilla 1985)
When mankind falls into conflict with nature, monsters are born.

— Makoto Hayashida (Godzilla 1985)

Makoto Hayashida (林田 信,   Hayashida Makoto) is a scientist and a supporting character in the 1984 Godzilla film, The Return of Godzilla.


Heisei era

The Return of Godzilla

Hayashida lost his parents in the original Godzilla's raid on Tokyo in 1954. This led him to begin his career studying Godzilla out of a desire for vengeance. He later came to the conclusion that Godzilla was nature's reminder of what man has done, and is capable of doing. It was this philosophy that led him to view Godzilla sympathetically and end his hatred of the creature. Hayashida established the Hayashida Biophysics Institute in Tokyo, and brought on college student Naoko Okumura as an assistant. When the Japanese government informed Hayashida that Naoko's brother Hiroshi was the sole survivor of an unexplained accident at sea and was claiming to have seen a monster, Hayashida visited him in the hospital and showed him photographs of the original Godzilla. From looking at the photographs, Okumura confirmed that the monster he saw was Godzilla. Hayashida informed the government that Okamura saw Godzilla, leading the government to cover up any reports of Godzilla's existence in order to avoid a panic. Goro Maki, a news reporter who had found and rescued Okumura, was upset that he couldn't publish his story about Okumura, and was instructed by his editor to seek out Hayashida for more information. Maki visited Hayashida's laboratory and asked him about Godzilla. Hayashida told Maki about how he had once desired vengeance against Godzilla, but went on to realize the monster was not to blame. Hayashida told Maki that Godzilla was a monster created by mankind's recklessness, and was more like a living nuclear weapon or natural disaster than an ordinary animal. Hayashida believed Godzilla to be completely indestructible and destined to walk the Earth forever, though he did stress that Godzilla could be stopped at least temporarily. When Godzilla destroyed a Soviet nuclear submarine and nearly started World War III after the Soviets blamed the Americans for the attack, the Japanese government decided to finally announce Godzilla's return to the world. At a press conference, Hayashida witnessed Okumura declare his desire for vengeance against Godzilla for killing his crew mates, and was reminded of how he once swore vengeance against the monster.

When Godzilla landed at Mihama to feed on the reactor at the nuclear power plant, Hayashida traveled there along with Maki and Okumura to observe Godzilla. While absorbing energy from the reactor, Godzilla suddenly turned around and wandered out to sea, seemingly for no reason. When going over their observations at Hayashida's lab, Okumura pointed out to Hayashida and Maki that Godzilla seemed to leave just as soon as a flock of birds flew overhead, as if he was following them. Hayashida immediately analyzed Godzilla's brain patterns, and discovered that Godzilla possessed a homing instinct similar to modern birds, following the Earth's magnetic fields in order to navigate. Hayashida proposed that it would be possible to construct a magnetic wave transmitter and use it to lure Godzilla to a particular location. Hayashida told Okumura to travel to Izu Oshima and speak with his friend Minami, a geologist, to see if it would be possible to trigger a controlled eruption of Mount Mihara. In the meantime, Hayashida, Maki and Naoko began work on the magnetic transmitter. Hayashida and Minami later met with the Prime Minister and his cabinet to discuss their plan to defeat Godzilla. Hayashida's transmitter would lure Godzilla to the peak of Mt. Mihara, at which point explosives on the volcano would be triggered, causing it to erupt and sealing Godzilla in the volcano's crater. Hayashida knew that the plan would not kill Godzilla, but simply "send him back home."

When Godzilla finally came ashore in Tokyo, Hayashida was just completing work on his transmitter. Hayashida activated the device when Godzilla passed by his laboratory, causing Godzilla to stand still. Hayashida realized the device worked, and prepared to transport it to Mt. Mihara. Just then, several Hyper Laser Cannons opened fire on Godzilla, causing him to retaliate and damage the building containing Hayashida's lab. Godzilla was eventually subdued by the Super X, which used its cadmium shells to stop Godzilla's heart. Hayashida knew that Godzilla wasn't dead, and traveled to the top floor of the building with Maki and Naoko to try and reach the roof. However, emergency doors had sealed the roof off, leaving the three trapped in the building. Thankfully, Okumura arrived in a JSDF helicopter and blasted out a window on the building, allowing him to take Hayashida and his transmitter onto the helicopter. The strong winds prevented them from being able to take Maki and Naoko onto the helicopter, so they were left behind to find their own way out while Hayashida and Okamura traveled to Oshima. Once they arrived, Hayashida activated his transmitter, which caught the attention of Godzilla after he had reawakened and dispatched the Super X. Godzilla immediately swam to Oshima and began climbing Mt. Mihara. Once Godzilla reached the summit, Okumura detonated the explosive charges placed all around the volcano, triggering an eruption. Godzilla roared out as he plummeted into the volcano's crater and disappeared under the lava flows. Thanks to Hayashida, Godzilla's rampage had been at least temporarily halted.

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  • Actor Akihiko Hirata was originally intended to portray Dr. Hayashida, but he became seriously ill prior to the start of filming, and the part was given to fellow veteran actor Yosuke Natsuki instead.[citation needed] Hirata would eventually pass away from lung cancer on July 25, 1984.


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