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Toho Company, Limited Character
Kotaro Ushiwaka in Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Kotaro Ushiwaka
Subtitle(s) Child of the Sun (太陽の子,   Taiyō no Ko)
Allies Nyudo, Uragira
Enemies All Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka yokai
Portrayed by Ryoichi Tanaka (Voice)
First appearance Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episode 1:
Volume of Kotaro's Birth
Latest appearance Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episode 156:
Volume of Being Possessed by Shirei
I am Kotaro Ushiwaka, I come from the Land of the Light. (光の国からやってきた、牛若小太郎だ。)

— Kotaro Ushiwaka introduces himself (Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka Episode 1: Volume of Kotaro's Birth)

Kotaro Ushiwaka (牛若小太郎,   Ushiwaka Kotarō) is a ninja kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1974 Toho tokusatsu series, Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


Kotaro Ushiwaka wears yellow ninja garbs which are red on the inside, red fingerless gloves, and a white mask over his mouth. He also has a red rope tied around his waist presumably functioning as a belt, and as a holster of sorts for his dagger which is tucked under it. He also wears a pair of blue tabi underneath sandal-like footwear similar to the traditional Japanese geta.


Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka




  • Kotaro Ushiwaka uses a naginata, a long staff with a bladed tip, in combat.
  • Kotaro Ushiwaka uses a large dagger-like weapon, similar to the tanto used by samurai in fuedal Japan.

Eight-Phase Slash

  • Using an ability named Eight-Phase Slash (八相斬り,   Hassō Kiri), Kotaro Ushiwaka can create a multitude of duplicates of himself and command all of them to slash at an enemy.[1] This is used exclusively as a finishing move.



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