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Yamanosei in episode 12 of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Alternate names Yamasei, Sansei
Allies Coonjo
Enemies Uragira, Kotaro Ushiwaka
Played by Masashi Amenomori (voice)[1]
First appearance Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
episode 12, "Yokai Yamanosei"

Yamanosei (山精 (やまのせい), lit. Mountain Spirit) is a yokai who appears in episode 12 of the 1974 tokusatsu series, Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka, entitled "Yokai Yamanosei."


Yamanosei's name is a combination of the Japanese words yama, meaning "mountain," and sei, meaning "spirit" or "sprite." He shares his Japanese name with a yokai from Chinese and Japanese mythology, though its name is pronounced differently, as Sansei. Despite being pronounced within the episode itself as Yamanosei, the title card for "Yokai Yamanosei" erroneously writes Yamanosei's name as Yamasei ( (やま) (せい)).


Showa era

Yamanosei and a tied up Uragira in "Yokai Yamanosei"

Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka

"Yokai Yamanosei"

As Kotaro Ushiwaka and Uragira were walking through a forest, Yamanosei grabbed Uragira from behind a tree and restrained him. Shortly thereafter, Uragira was seen tied up with a rope as Yamanosei prepared to eat him, but Uragira convinced the yokai to go after Kotaro instead. When Kotaro approached along his path, Yamanosei confronted him while Uragira fled the scene. Yamanosei charged at Kotaro, but disappeared when the latter slashed with his naginata. The yokai reappeared behind him, but disappeared a second time with the next attack. Quickly realizing that it was using a Cloning Technique, Kotaro ignored the yokai in his vision and instead blindly threw a dagger at a nearby tree, causing Yamanosei to teleport there and reveal himself. The pair then engaged in combat, until Yamanosei suddenly spit a strand of webbing at Kotaro, which expanded into a net that covered the upper half of his body. Luckily, Kotaro managed to begin vaulting himself with his naginata to repeatedly kick Yamanosei, eventually sending him tumbling down a set of stairs and knocking him out cold.



Yamanosei wields an axe in combat.


Yamanosei can spit webbing from his mouth to trap opponents in a net.

Cloning Technique

Yamanosei uses a Cloning Technique (分身の術,   Bunshin no Jutsu) to appear and disappear in various places around an opponent.


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  • Yamanosei's suit does not appear to be new, as it has significant damage. The suit actor constantly holds his arm to his head to hide a visible gash in the suit's arm, while a large hole in the leg can be glimpsed as Yamanosei tumbles down the steps.


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