"Onibaba's Treasure"

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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"The Jigokudani Trap"
"Onibaba's Treasure"
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"Onibaba's Treasure"
Onibaba's Treasure
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 4 (original airing),
1 (rebroadcast)

"Onibaba's Treasure" ( (おに) (ばば) (たから) (まき),   Onibaba no Takara no Maki) is the fourth episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


The greedy fox yokai Uragira is seen digging through a hole in the side of a rock formation, coming upon a box full of treasure. Just then, an angered Onibaba, whose belongings Uragira had stolen, chased after him wielding a rake. Uragira fell to the ground as the Onibaba swung at him, but managed to regain his footing and run to a nearby tree. Suddenly, an arrow flew toward him, pinning him against the tree. Coonjo then stepped out from the forest, more arrows in hand, and conversed with Onibaba, though the enraged demon sought only to attack Uragira. As Onibaba charged toward him, she was soon halted by a projectile whizzing past her, followed by the appearance of Kotaro Ushiwaka. Coonjo quickly readied her bow to fire at the hero, but was stopped by Onibaba who was confident she could take him on alone. Kotaro freed Uragira from the tree before engaging Onibaba in combat. After a short duel, an impatient Coonjo shot an arrow toward Kotaro, disobeying the Onibaba's request. Kotaro leapt onto the branch of a tree to evade the projectile, which instead flew toward Onibaba, impaling her in the forehead and ending her life. Coonjo tried to shoot Kotaro down from the tree with another arrow, but was stopped by a flash of light reflected off of Kotaro's blades. As Kotaro began to walk away, he was stopped by Uragira, who thanked the hero and begged him to allow him to travel alongside him. Coonjo looked on amused, commenting how Uragira was truly only motivated by the pursuit of treasure.


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