Cursed Demon Hannya

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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"The Sorrowful Satori Yokai"
"Cursed Demon Hannya"
"The Tenjoname Yokai"
"Cursed Demon Hannya"
Cursed Demon Hannya
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 9 (original airing), 13 (rebroadcast)

"Cursed Demon Hannya" ( (のろ) ()・ハンニャの (まき),   Noroi Ma Hannya no Maki) is the ninth episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


The demon Hannya, companioned by Dark Clan leader Coonjo, pulled out a brush and began drawing on a sheet of paper. She then nailed the completed picture, which depicted Coonjo's archenemy Kotaro Ushiwaka, to a tree and drove cursed spikes through the Kotaro's legs. The real Kotaro, who was walking through the woods with Uragira, suddenly fell to the ground crippled. Nyudo approached them concerned, but was barked at by Uragira and left to investigate. Hannya and Coonjo then appeared before the pair, the former threatening to throw a spike at Uragira if he didn't back down. As Coonjo prepared to strike, Kotaro reached for his naginata, but it was kicked away by Hannya. Luckily, as Nyudo was traversing the forest, he stumbled upon the drawing of Kotaro and ripped it from the tree, lifting the curse from Kotaro's legs. Kotaro quickly parried the approaching Coonjo, who fled the scene in defeat. Hannya, angered, attempted to throw a spike at Kotaro, but it was deflected by his naginata and sent flying into her forehead, killing her. Victorious, Kotaro and Uragira resumed their travels.


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