Unnamed chestnut demon

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Unnamed demon
The demon in Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Species Demon
Allies Coonjo
Enemies Kotaro Ushiwaka, Nyudo, Uragira
Played by Masashi Amenomori (voice)
First appearance Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episode 38,
"The Demon Who Was Defeated by Chestnuts"

An unnamed demon who was defeated by chestnuts (栗に負けた鬼,   kuri ni maketa oni) appeared in episode 38 of the 1974 tokusatsu yokai series, Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka, titled "The Demon Who Was Defeated by Chestnuts."


The demon is never given a proper name, and is only indirectly referred to in his episode's title as the "demon who was defeated by chestnuts."


The character resembles typical depictions of demons, with some defining features such as horns and fangs. His entire body is brown in color, and he wears an orange garment over his midsection.


Showa era

Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka

"The Demon Who Was Defeated by Chestnuts"

To be added.



The demon wields a short, scimitar-like sword.


The demon appears to be weak to chestnuts, and was ultimately defeated by them after they had been roasted.


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