"The Jigokudani Trap"

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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"The Yokai Clan's Grudge"
"The Jigokudani Trap"
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"The Jigokudani Trap"
The Jigokudani Trap
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 3 (original airing),
4 (rebroadcast)

"The Jigokudani Trap" ( () (ごく) (だに)のわなの (まき),   Jigokudani no Wana no Maki) is the third episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


As Kotaro was hiking through the mountains of Jigokudani, he was drawn to a nearby plateau by the panicked screams of Nyudo. There, he saw a tied up Nyudo surrounded by Coonjo, Aobozu and a new group of minions. Kotaro leapt into action, slicing Nyudo's restraints. However, as Nyudo fell to the ground, he was revealed to be nothing more than a rock, with the real Nyudo sitting a short distance away in the custody of Coonjo and her minions; Kotaro had fallen into a trap. As Coonjo taunted Kotaro, he appeared to surrender, but lashed out when Aobozu and another of her servants attempted to restrain him. Kotaro, disarmed of his naginata by Aobozu, reached for a nearby rope and pulled Coonjo's sword from her hands. He engaged Aobozu in combat, managing to retrieve his naginata before finishing the yokai off once and for all. As he finished off the remaining three minions, Nyudo kicked at Coonjo, who angrily teleported away. Coonjo, now lost of her yokai minions, again swore her revenge against Kotaro and his newfound partner.


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