"The Birth of Kotaro"

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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"The Birth of Kotaro"
"The Yokai Clan's Grudge"
"The Birth of Kotaro"
The Birth of Kotaro
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 1 (original airing),
7 (rebroadcast)
Air date November 12, 1974

"The Birth of Kotaro" ( () () (ろう) (たん) (じょう) (まき),   Kotarō Tanjō no Maki) is the first episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka. It aired on Nippon TV on November 12, 1974.


In a secluded gorge, Dark Clan leader Coonjo gathered a group of her loyal minions, ordering them to attack humanity. In a small village, the earth began to shake and a red haze overtook the area. As the citizens panicked, the yokai appeared from a cloud of smoke and launched their attack. Suddenly, a blinding light cut through the haze and a yellow figure appeared in the distance. Proclaiming himself as Kotaro Ushiwaka from the land of light, the hero challenged the attackers, leaping into the air and striking one in the head with a Hurricane Kick. Kotaro slashed through the minions with his naginata, defeating each of them. Her plans foiled, Coonjo swore revenge against the mysterious hero.


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