"The Perceptive Yokai"

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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"Shokera's Venomous Claw"
"The Perceptive Yokai"
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"The Perceptive Yokai"
The Perceptive Yokai
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 14 (original airing), 18 (rebroadcast)

"The Perceptive Yokai" ( (かん) () (よう) (かい) (まき),   Kan no Yoi Yōkai no Maki) is the fourteenth episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


As Coonjo was walking along a wooded path, she encountered the Perceptive Yokai, who began talking with her. As Kotaro, Nyudo and Uragira approached, Uragira and Nyudo began bickering, but Kotaro broke them up. Suddenly, they were halted by the Perceptive Yokai, who stood in the middle of the path. Kotaro instructed Uragira to engage the yokai as a distraction, allowing Nyudo to approach from behind and attempt to whack him with his club. However, the yokai anticipated Nyudo's attack, parrying with a kick to the chest which knocked him to the ground. Kotaro then joined the fray, fighting the yokai off with his naginata. Kotaro whispered to Nyudo to make a maneuver, prompting him to run off to a rotted tree trunk and pull it from the ground. Uragira helped him to roll the tree toward the Perceptive Yokai in an attempt to topple him, but he managed to leap backwards over it. The yokai laughed at his efforts before charging back toward Kotaro. Angered, Nyudo began to run after him while swinging his club, but walked into a tree branch, causing him to lose his grip of the club. The club flew through the air before striking the Perceptive Yokai in the head, greatly disorienting him. Kotaro followed with a slash to the back with his naginata, causing the yokai to fall to the ground dead. Coonjo, who was watching on from behind a tree, fled in anger and the trio resumed their travels.


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