"Kotaro in Peril"

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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"Onibaba's Treasure"
"Kotaro in Peril"
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"Kotaro in Peril"
Kotaro in Peril
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 5 (original airing), 3 (rebroadcast)

"Kotaro in Peril" ( (あや)うし () () (ろう) (まき),   Ayaushi Kotarō no Maki) is the fifth episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


While Kotaro was hiking through a forest, he was halted by an arrow flying past him and several spears attempting to stab at him from the foliage. Believing it to be the doing of a yokai, he disappeared into the brush in search of the culprit. Just then, Uragira appeared, running in the direction that Kotaro had been. Rather than being met with weapons, however, a small bag dropped at his feet. When he looked inside, he found that the bag was filled with gold coins, but quickly hid it under his shirt upon hearing the approaching Coonjo. Coonjo commented that she had already seen the bag he was hiding, but offered him a larger reward if he were to aid her. Later, Uragira is seen nervously standing in the forest holding a scroll. When Kotaro approaches, Uragira offers him the scroll to read, but upon opening it the tube erupted in noxious purple gas. With Kotaro distracted, Uragira attempted to escape with his naginata, but Kotaro took notice and grabbed him. As Uragira began to plead with him, Kotaro quickly fell victim to the effects of the gas. Coonjo stepped out from behind a tree to confront Kotaro, who now laid incapacitated on the ground. Uragira asked her for his reward, but quickly learned that he had been double crossed; Coonjo unsheathed her sword and began slashing at him. Uragira evaded her attacks and ran away through the woods, leaving Coonjo to make her advance on Kotaro. When Uragira emerged from the brush, he bumped into Nyudo, who believed him to be an evil yokai and attacked him with his club. Uragira ran back in the direction of Coonjo to escape Nyudo, managing to accidentally knock Coonjo to the ground. Coonjo, apparently hurt from the fall, stormed off as Kotaro began to awaken. Nyudo then arrived on the scene and, mistakenly believing him to have saved him, Kotaro shook his hand and thanked him for his help.


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  • "Kotaro in Peril" is the first episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka in which an enemy yokai beside Coonjo is not present.
  • "Kotaro in Peril" is also the first episode where Uragira and Nyudo meet.


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