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Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka episodes
"Being Kind to the Elderly"
"The Yokai Clan's Grudge"
Shiwanba (episode)
Series Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Episode # 152 (original airing),
91 (rebroadcast)[1]

"Shiwanba" (しわん () (まき),   Shiwanba no Maki) is the 152nd episode of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka.


The fox yokai Uragira searches for the source of a strange noise, only to stumble upon a house, where the old woman Shiwanba is sitting. He promptly asks her what she's doing. He gets caught off guard by her face, and cries out, "A monster!", angering Shiwanba. She begins to chase after the fox, only to crash into Coonjo and be sent tumbling backwards. Although at first Shiwanba simply tells Coonjo to stay out of her way, she becomes flattered after the fox mistress compliments her looks. Coonjo then tells the old hag that she can become even more beautiful if she can find and eat the hero Kotaro. Unbeknownst to Coonjo, however, Uragira runs off to Kotaro Ushiwaka and Nyudo, where the latter is seen talking about how the old woman will be no problem for him to beat. He charges at Shiwanba with his club in hand, but using the power of her cursed mirror, she causes the heavenly monk to collapse. Kotaro arrives soon there after to challenge the hag, only to meet the same fate. She begins to walk over to the downed sun warrior, but trips on Nyudo's club, and tosses the mirror right into Uragira's hands. This causes the mischievous fox to panic, running around with the mirror, while Shiwanba gives chase. Kotaro takes the opportunity to get back to his feet and run after Shiwanba. Once he catches up to her, a quick battle ensues, ending with the child of the sun slicing her across the stomach, causing her to fall over. In their celebration of the victory, Uragira tosses the mirror into the air. It lands in Coonjo's hands, causing her to go numb and fall over, with the others laughing at her misfortune.


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