Unnamed three-eyed yokai

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Three-eyed yokai
The three-eyed yokai in episode 6 of Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
Forms Uragira disguise
Allies Coonjo
Enemies Kotaro Ushiwaka, Nyudo, Uragira
Played by Masashi Amenomori (voice)[1]
First appearance Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka
episode 6, "The Haunted Well"

An unnamed three-eyed yokai (三つ目妖怪,   mittsume yōkai) appears in episode 6 of the 1974 Toho tokusatsu series, Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka, entitled "The Haunted Well."


While the yokai's name is not spoken during the episode he appears in, the publication Toho Special Effects All Monster Encyclopedia refers to him as a "three-eyed yokai."[2]


The three-eyed yokai is a humanoid creature with reddish skin, a bald head and a pronounced chest and stomach. As his name implies, he possesses a third eye on his forehead.


Showa era

The three-eyed yokai battles Kotaro in "The Haunted Well"

Go! Kotaro Ushiwaka

"The Haunted Well"

Coonjo and the three-eyed yokai set up a fake dumpling shop at an abandoned building in the woods, leaving a plate of dumplings on a table outside to lure Nyudo and Uragira. As planned, the pair raced toward the shop upon seeing it, but when Kotaro arrived behind them, they had disappeared. As he looked around the area, Kotaro noticed an old well, which he decided to look inside of. Suddenly, Nyudo and Uragira approached Kotaro from behind, preparing to push him into the well, but Kotaro noticed the reflections of Coonjo and the three-eyed yokai in the water below. He quickly splashed them with water before they could strike, causing them to revert to their true forms. Enraged, the yokai drew his sword and engaged Kotaro in combat. After a short back and forth, the yokai charged at Kotaro, who slashed him across the chest with his naginata, ending his life.



The three-eyed yokai wielded a three-pronged sword, similar to a trident.


The yokai was shown to be able to take on the form of other creatures, disguising himself as Uragira to fool Kotaro.


The three-eyed yokai was not shown to be particularly resilient, being killed by a single slash of Kotaro's naginata. The yokai's disguise was also easily foiled by simply splashing him with water.


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