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Barem™ trademark icon
Barem in Rebirth of Mothra 2
Alternate names Berem, Baylem[1]
Subtitle(s) Toxic Crystal
(猛毒結晶体,   Mōdoku Kesshōtai)[2]
Highly Toxic Crystal
(極毒結晶体,   Gokudoku Kesshōtai)[3]
Species Starfish-like crystalline organism
Length 40-50 centimeters[1][2]
Weight 2-4 kilograms[1][2]
Relations Dagahra (generator)
Allies Dagahra
Enemies Mothra Leo
First appearance Rebirth of Mothra 2

Barem (ベーレム,   Bēremu) are a starfish-like crystalline pollution-byproduct of Dagahra that first appeared in the 1997 Toho film Rebirth of Mothra 2.


Heisei era

Rebirth of Mothra 2

The Barem were created as a byproduct when Dagahra absorbed pollution. They were even more toxic than the pollution itself and were what killed the Nilai-Kanai. When Dagahra was re-awakened, he began producing more Barem. They caused destruction when they washed up on shore, and they were used as a weapon by Dagahra to fight off Mothra Leo. Mothra Leo ultimately destroyed the Barem after he split into many miniature versions of himself and destroyed them from the inside out, causing Dagahra to self-destruct.


Urecot Eckax

Barem are capable of launching globs of slime tinged with highly toxic Urecot Eckax (ウレコット・エッカクス) venom from a gland on the top of their bodies.[1] Upon contact with skin, the acid foams up and causes severe damage. A single glob to the face caused a fisherman to be hospitalized.


In GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse, Barem is a deadly and highly virulent form of bacteria spread through the ocean by Dagahra.


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

In December 2017, the United States Navy confronted the dragon kaiju Dagahra in the waters near American Samoa. Although anti-ship missiles fired by F-35 jets caused Dagahra to retreat, his wounds released the bacterial plague known as Barem into the ocean. Three days later, the Barem arrived at the port of Pago Pago, causing one-third of the city's inhabitants to die of bacterial infection.

When Dagahra was fatally wounded by the Australian military during his attack on the country on Christmas Day, he flew out to sea and died, releasing a massive amount of Barem into Australian waters. These Barem not only infected Australian citizens with a terrible plague, but heavily polluted the country's waters and killed the majority of marine life around the continent, in an event that would come to be known as the "Red Christmas Scourge" and claim 3 million lives.[4] Australia's waters became so heavily polluted that it could receive no foreign aid, causing the entire country to collapse as a result of the Barem infection.


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