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Chibi Mothra® trademark icon
Chibi Mothra®
Chibi Mothra
Alternate names M
Allies Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Ghidorah,
Chibi Rodan, Chibi Anguirus,
Chibi Mechagodzilla
Designed by Chiharu Sakazaki
Played by Hina Tachibana (voice),IHCG
Rie Takahashi (voice)CGRA
First appearance Latest appearance
Close Friends, Chibi Godzilla Chibi Godzilla
Raids Again

Chibi Mothra (ちびモスラ,   Chibi Mosura) is a juvenile kaiju who first appeared in the 2019 children's book Close Friends, Chibi Godzilla. A moth with sparkling wings, Chibi Mothra is a close friend of Chibi Godzilla and his other friends. She appears in all three Chibi Godzilla picture books as well as the web anime I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla and the TV anime series Chibi Godzilla Raids Again.


Chibi Mothra's name comes from placing chibi (ちび), a Japanese word meaning "little," in front of Mothra's name. The Shobijin address her by the nickname M (モスちゃん,   Mosu-chan, lit. "Ms. Moth").


Chibi Mothra is a cream color while her wings are red with yellow spots. She has three pairs of legs, two feathery white antennae, big round eyes with blue pupils, and a yellow beak.


In the Chibi Godzilla children's books, Chibi Mothra has a gentle personality and is said to comfort Chibi Godzilla when he cries. She is a friend of Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Ghidorah, Chibi Rodan, Chibi Anguirus, and the Chibi Mechagodzilla Brothers.

In Chibi Godzilla Raids Again, Chibi Mothra is very shy around other monsters and typically only interacts with the more outgoing Shobijin sisters. Chibi Mothra has difficulty expressing herself through words and gets flustered by conversations with other monsters, and for this reason the Shobijin will sometimes try to "translate" for her, though their translations tend to comically misrepresent Chibi Mothra's feelings.


Chibi Mothra in I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla

I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla

Chibi Mothra was a close friend of Chibi Godzilla. At Christmas, Chibi Godzilla enlisted Chibi Mothra's help to create "snow" for Satomi to enjoy outside of their apartment window, releasing sparkles of light as she flew. Chibi Mothra would also prove to be the most responsible of Chibi Godzilla's friends, telling Chibi Godzilla and Chibi Rodan to quiet down when she thought Satomi was working.

Chibi Godzilla Raids Again

"The Resplendent Maiden, Chibi Mothra"

Chibi Mothra and the Shobijin meet Chibi Mechagodzilla

While the Shobijin were showing Chibi Mothra how to apply makeup, Chibi Godzilla arrived to introduce Chibi Mechagodzilla to her. However, the Shobijin spoke for her, with Chibi Godzilla explaining that they shared a telepathic bond. Chibi Mechagodzilla quickly expressed doubt that the Shobijin were accurately conveying Chibi Mothra's thoughts and was quickly annoyed by how rude the Shobijin were. Speaking with Chibi Mothra directly, Chibi Mechagodzilla assured her that she was already cute just as she was and did not need the makeup, leaving her flustered. Seeing this, the Shobijin then pivoted to hook Chibi Mothra up on a date with Chibi Mechagodzilla, embarrassing Chibi Mothra to the point of tears and causing her to release her poisonous scales. Nevertheless, Chibi Mothra expressed that it was nice to meet Chibi Mechagodzilla as he was incapacitated by her scales.

"The Ruler of the Skies, Chibi Rodan"

Chibi Godzilla led Chibi Mechagodzilla and Chibi Mothra on a hike up a mountain in the hopes of speaking with his father. The group soon encountered the narcissistic Chibi Rodan, whose vanity quickly wore on Chibi Mechagodzilla. Though Chibi Rodan argued that he had the best wings, Chibi Mechagodzilla insisted that Chibi Mothra’s wings looked nicer, causing Chibi Rodan to plummet to the ground. Chibi Godzilla explained that Chibi Rodan would fall whenever he loses an argument and that he simply wanted to be liked while Chibi Mothra revitalized Chibi Rodan through shallow compliments, explaining that he perks up when girls praise him.

"Monster Study Session"

Chibi Godzilla taught a monster study session for the monsters of Monster Island. After Chibi Godzilla asked which foe had been hardest for Godzilla to defeat, Chibi Mothra suggested that it was himself because he may burn his mouth on his own atomic breath. Chibi Mechagodzilla dismissed this answer alongside the others' suggestions, only to discover that Chibi Godzilla's "real" answers to his questions were just as asinine, making him question whether or not this was a real class.

"The Bewitching Rose, Chibi Biollante"

Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Mechagodzilla, and Chibi Mothra visited Chibi Biollante's bar, where Chibi Mechagodzilla was shocked to discover that the bar only served dried snacks and no drinks when Chibi Biollante recommended rice crackers. Chibi Mothra spoke to Chibi Biollante about her problems, explaining that she had a crush on another monster. While Chibi Biollante's cryptic response of "dipping soup for the mind" confused Chibi Mechagodzilla, Chibi Mothra understood that it was a complex allegory and provided a very specific yet accurate interpretation of the statement, leaving Chibi Mechagodzilla bewildered. Chibi Mothra also mentioned that her skin becomes dry when stressed, to which Chibi Biollante recommended hyaluronic acid. Chibi Mothra initially assumed this to be another complicated metaphor, only for Chibi Biollante to reveal that she was being literal this time.

"Chibi Godzilla's Second Form"

After Chibi Mechagodzilla discovered that Chibi Godzilla had changed into a strange slug-like form after spraining his neck, Chibi Mothra and Chibi Ghidorah arrived and subsequently explained that Chibi Godzilla had done this before. Nevertheless, Chibi Mechagodzilla did not understand how such an injury could result in his body changing shape and color and maintained that Chibi Godzilla should see a doctor. Chibi Mothra suggested that he try stretching, and while Chibi Mechagodzilla was doubtful such a simple remedy could work, it quickly proved effective as color returned to his face. Though Chibi Mothra and Chibi Ghidorah were repulsed by the stretching, they encouraged him to continue, and he soon returned to normal. Some time later, the group found that Chibi Godzilla bumped his knee, causing him to revert back to his slug-like form, only this time he was purple in color.

"An All-Chibi Monster Chorus"

Chibi Mothra and the others partake in karaoke

Chibi Mothra joined the Shobijin and several others on another trip to Chibi Biollante's bar, where Chibi Biollante informed Chibi Mechagodzilla that the establishment offered karaoke. The Shobijin pushed for Chibi Mothra to sing "Mothra's Song", though the Shobijin ultimately took over before she even had a chance to begin, surprising the other chibi monsters, including Chibi Mothra herself. Chibi Biollante then revealed the karaoke machine's scoring system, which awarded the Shobijin an average score and suggested that they needed to work on their synchronization. The Shobijin were infuriated by this criticism, though they attempted to pass off their rage as Chibi Mothra's. Later, Chibi Biollante recommended that they all sing a song together, with Chibi Godzilla selecting "Godzilla's Theme". Because the song had no lyrics, the group could only hum along, much to Chibi Mechagodzilla's annoyance. However, the group ultimately earned a perfect score on the karaoke machine's scoring system.

"A Mighty Monster's Instinct"

While hanging out with the other chibi monsters of Monster Island, Chibi Godzilla sneezed, scorching the top of Chibi Mechagodzilla's head with atomic breath before unexpectedly roaring like his father. While Chibi Godzilla dismissed these oddities as the symptoms of a cold, Chibi Mechagodzilla and the other monsters concluded that Chibi Godzilla was reaching puberty, exciting the young monster. Some time later, Chibi Ghidorah summoned Chibi Mothra and the other chibi monsters and revealed that he found a letter from Chibi Godzilla, who explained that he was fearful his destructive urges would cause him to hurt his friends and subsequently decided to leave Monster Island, though he hoped to meet his friends again when they were older. Heartbroken, Chibi Mechagodzilla believed he was at fault for yelling at Chibi Godzilla earlier and began to cry. Chibi Mothra and Chibi Ghidorah attempted to console the robot until Chibi Godzilla suddenly appeared, explaining that he saw a doctor before he could leave and found that he really did have a cold after all. Chibi Mothra and the other chibi monsters were relieved to know that Chibi Godzilla would be staying with them after all.


Chibi Mothra incapacitates others with her scales


Chibi Mothra can emit bright sparkling light from her wings while flying.

Poisonous scales

Chibi Mothra expels poisonous scales whenever she cries, which are capable of incapacitating anyone in her vicinity.


Close Friends, Chibi Godzilla

When feeling lonely, Chibi Godzilla set out to look for friends, encountering Chibi Mothra along with Chibi Rodan, Chibi Anguirus, and Chibi Ghidorah. Chibi Godzilla remarked that Chibi Mothra's wings sparkled with light. When the other monsters asked what Chibi Godzilla could do, he responded saying he could breathe fire and exhaled a blast of fire at them, prompting them to flee. While running after them, Chibi Godzilla's fire breath caused fruit to fall out of a nearby tree. He asked the other monsters to share the fruit with him, and they all ate until they were full. Chibi Godzilla was no longer lonely as he befriended the other monsters.


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