"A Mighty Monster's Instinct"

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Chibi Godzilla Raids Again episodes
"The War at Low Tide"
"A Mighty Monster's Instinct"
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"A Mighty Monster's Instinct"
The title card of "A Mighty Monster's Instinct"
Series Chibi Godzilla Raids Again
Episode # 13
Directed by Taketo Shinkai
Written by Taketo Shinkai, Yuki Hirokawa
Air date
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"A Mighty Monster's Instinct" (大怪獣の本能,   Daikaijū no Honnō, lit. "Giant Monster's Instinct") is the 13th and final episode of Chibi Godzilla Raids Again's first season. Written by Taketo Shinkai and Yuki Hirokawa, it aired on Japanese television on June 24, 2023. An English-subtitled version followed on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO YouTube channel that July 3.


Chibi Ghidorah, Chibi Mothra, and Chibi Rodan observe Chibi Godzilla sneeze atomic breath at Chibi Mechagodzilla, burning the top of his head. Ghidorah points out that Godzilla doesn't usually shoot atomic breath when sneezing, to which Godzilla replies that he could sneeze without it if he wanted to, but has been feeling destructive urges today. Godzilla flinches for another sneeze, but this time lets out a kaiju roar. Though he writes it off as a simple cold, the other monsters are convinced that his voice is changing as a result of reaching puberty, just like Chibi Anguirus. Excited that he might finally be becoming a giant monster like his father, he blasts Mechagodzilla's head with more atomic breath in celebration. Unamused, Mechagodzilla yells at him to stop.

Sometime later, Ghidorah gathers Mechagodzilla, Mothra, and Rodan at the classroom on Monster Island and tells them that he found a letter left by Godzilla. In it, Godzilla tells them that he has decided to leave the island and embark on a "voyage," as he believes his increased appetite for destruction may cause them harm. Mechagodzilla blames himself, wishing that he hadn't told Godzilla off for exhibiting natural changes, and the other monsters console him. However, Godzilla startles them by suddenly reappearing. He explains that he visited a doctor before his planned departure, and did have a cold after all. What's more, his perceived increase in destructive urges were all in his head; he simply desires to destroy things all the time.

Godzilla thanks Mechagodzilla for worrying about him, and says he can rest easy knowing that Mechagodzilla will always be there for him to aim at. He then blasts him with atomic breath once more.


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