"All Chibi Monsters Attack"

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Chibi Godzilla Raids Again episodes
"The Roaring Dragon, Chibi Anguirus"
"All Chibi Monsters Attack"
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"All Chibi Monsters Attack"
The title card of "All Chibi Monsters Attack"
Series Chibi Godzilla Raids Again
Episode # 7
Directed by Taketo Shinkai
Written by Taketo Shinkai, Yuki Hirokawa
Air date
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"All Chibi Monsters Attack" (ちび怪獣総進撃,   Chibi Kaijū Sōshingeki, lit. "Chibi Monster Total Advancement") is the seventh episode of Chibi Godzilla Raids Again. Written by Taketo Shinkai and Yuki Hirokawa, it aired on Japanese television on May 13, 2023. An English-subtitled version followed on the GODZILLA OFFICIAL by TOHO YouTube channel that May 22.


Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Ghidorah, and Chibi Anguirus destroy a model city inside a cabin, much to the dismay of the model's creator Chibi Mechagodzilla. Chibi Godzilla, trying to justify this devastation, says, "Monsters can't help but destroy a city when they see one!", which leaves Chibi Mechagodzilla unmoved. Chibi Godzilla then asks to do a tail stomp one last time; Chibi Mechagodzilla responds with a loud no. Chibi Godzilla's destructive urges kick in and his face turns realistic, much to the shock of Chibi Mechagodzilla, who hasn't seen him do this before. Chibi Godzilla's heat ray starts to leak from his nose, surprising Chibi Ghidorah and Chibi Mechagodzilla. Chibi Godzilla then begins to explain in a flashback why he can't control his destructive urges, but can't seem to decide when the inciting incident took place; eventually, Chibi Mechagodzilla realizes that he's stalling while the monsters continue to smash the city off-camera. Both Chibi Ghidorah and Chibi Anguirus apologize, and Chibi Godzilla offers to clean up the destroyed city while Chibi Mechagodzilla relaxes outside. When Chibi Mechagodzilla leaves, Chibi Godzilla then proceeds to destroy the city again, which Chibi Ghidorah is apprehensive about at first. Chibi Godzilla tempts them both by acting out classic kaiju tropes: snapping a tower in half, torching a fighter jet, and biting into a train. Before they can resume their offensive, however, Chibi Mechagodzilla comes back and blasts Chibi Godzilla, Chibi Ghidorah, and Chibi Anguirus with eye lasers, before telling them to clean up what they can. Chibi Godzilla then comments, "Chibi Mechagodzilla is the one with the worst destructive urges..."


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