"Cooking with Chibi Godzilla"

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I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla episodes
"Is It My Turn?"
"Cooking with Chibi Godzilla"
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"Cooking with Chibi Godzilla"
Cooking with Chibi Godzilla
Series I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla
Episode # 6
Directed by Tommy Hino
Written by Moriko Mori
Air date August 19, 2020

"Cooking with Chibi Godzilla" (ちびゴジラクッキング,   Chibi Gojira Kukkingu, lit. "Chibi Godzilla Cooking") is the sixth episode of the web anime I'm Home! Chibi Godzilla. It was uploaded to YouTube on Toho's Godzilla Channel on August 19, 2020.


Satomi stands by her refrigerator, asking what she will cook today. Chibi Godzilla replies that he will cook today. Satomi asks if he can cook something, and he replies that he doesn't know. Satomi asks what he is going to cook, and Chibi Godzilla again replies that he doesn't know. Satomi holds up a head of cabbage and asks Chibi Godzilla is he knows what it is, and he replies that it is Mothra's egg. The cabbage then hatches into Chibi Mothra.


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