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Godzilla Encounter
Godzilla Encounter App.png
Developer MJD Interactive[1]
Publisher Legend Pictures LLC[2]
Publish date July 16, 2013[2]
Platforms iOS 6.0
Languages English
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Godzilla Encounter was a free application developed by MJD Interactive[1] and published by Legend Pictures LLC for use at the Godzilla Encounter exhibit at San Diego Comic-Con 2013. Released on July 16, 2013,[2] it has since been taken down.


  • Geiger Counter - The starting section of the app.
    • Atomic Tracking Device
  • Camera - Take pictures.
    • Sharing - Share pictures on Facebook, Twitter (now X), and Instagram. Photos can be retaken and their backgrounds/designs can be changed. Designs include Normal, Survivor, Tokyo, and Classified.
  • Translator - Look for the Legendary icon and scan one of the Japanese posters that were originally posted on Godzillaencounter.com to see what they mean in English.



Award Category Result Ref.
2013 w3 Awards Mobile Applications - Events, Silver Won [3]
Mobile Applications - Innovative/Experimental, Gold Won
2013 OMMA Awards Best Platform – Experiential Won [4]
Best Execution Promoting a Brand within Industry Vertical: Entertainment Finalist
2014 Webby Awards Apps & Software - Best Use of GPS or Location Technology Honoree [5]


Promotional video


  • The file size of the Godzilla Encounter application was 39.2 megabytes.[2]
  • The first official piece of concept art for Godzilla (2014) was discovered in the app's files upon its release on July 16, 2013. It was publicized by Godzilla fan site SKREEONK!.[6]

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