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Brian Rogers
Brian Rogers
First work The Dead Pit (1989)
Notable work Godzilla (2014)

Brian Rogers is a film producer. Originally involved with Yoshimitsu Banno's Godzilla 3-D, he produced the Legendary Pictures film that evolved out of the project, Godzilla (2014), and its sequels.


BRIAN ROGERS (Producer) has vast experience in the film industry and a list of credits that includes theatrical motion pictures, special venue 3D films, Imax films and television production. These have taken him to all parts of the world including India, Nepal, China, Japan, England,

the Hawaiian Islands, and the Caribbean islands of Puerto Rico, St. John, St. Thomas and St. Lucia. This is coupled with his many years of pioneering producer work with all aspects and formats of 3D production including both live action and computer-generated imagery that were photographed in 65mm, 35mm and digital capture.

His diverse slate of projects includes works for HBO, Universal Pictures, Paramount, MGM, Imax, NBC and Nickelodeon, with credits that include the James Bond actioner “License to Thrill,” “Men In Black,” “Pirates 3D,” and the very first digital 3D production “Race For Atlantis.” Rogers’ IMAX credits include “Dr. Bigscreen” for Sony Pictures and “Mystic India,” lensed in India and in the Himalayas of Nepal, a production that utilized a total of 50,000 extras in period costuming. He was also a producer and line producer on many segments of “Terminator 2 3D,” which was director James Cameron’s first foray into the 3D realm. Rogers has been a consulting producer for the theatrical Imax 3D films “Cirque Du Soleil 3D,” “Mummies” and for television movie projects for Paramount and Granada USA. Other 3D credits include theatrical concert films, including “Luna Sea” for Sony PLC in Japan, as well as capturing sporting events such as “The X Games” in 3D.

Rogers has an extensive history working on visual effects for VFX companies that include Digital Domain, IE Effects, R Greenberg/Imaginary Forces and Rhythm & Hues. This has been as a producer, VFX producer, line producer along with 3D stereo conversion supervision on such films as “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2,” “Green Lantern” and “The Hole.”

He has been a featured guest speaker at the 3D Next Conference and the 3D Entertainment Summit held in Los Angeles. He is also a member of the British Academy of Film & Television Artists.

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