Motoyoshi Tomioka

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Motoyoshi Tomioka
An image of Motoyoshi Tomioka published in Encyclopedia of Godzilla (1990)
Born June 15, 1924[1]
Occupation Cinematographer
First work Rapids (1952)
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Motoyoshi Tomioka (富岡 素敬,   Tomioka Motoyoshi), also miscredited in English as Sokei Tomioka, was a Japanese cinematographer who worked on numerous Toho tokusatsu films during the Shōwa period. Training at the Eiji Tsuburaya Special Effects Research Institute,[1] Tomioka joined Toho as one of Tsuburaya's assistant cameramen. He was officially promoted to cinematographer with 1961's Mothra, working second to Sadamasa Arikawa.[1] Upon Arikawa's promotion to special effects director in 1966, Tomioka moved up to first camera, with Yoichi Manoda taking second.[1] Tomioka also occasionally worked outside of special effects, namely on All Monsters Attack (1969) and Terror of Mechagodzilla (1975), which used largely the same staff between their human and special effects sequences.

Selected filmography

Assistant special effects cinematographer

Special effects cinematographer



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