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Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd.
Gakken's current logo

Type Publisher
Status Active
Led by Hiroaki Miyahara
Founder(s) Hideto Furuoka
Founded March 31, 1947
Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Subsidiary companies Gakken Video

Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. (株式会社学研ホールディングス,   Kabushiki-gaisha Gakken Hōrudingusu) is a Japanese publishing company founded by Hiroaki Miyahara in 1947 and headquartered in Tokyo's Shinagawa ward. Primarily focusing on the publication of educational materials, Gakken is best-known for producing educational toys and game consoles and publishing various educational magazines aimed at different demographics. Gakken collaborated with Toho in the 1990s to release educational or informative media based on the latter's Godzilla franchise. Gakken was responsible for publishing the Encyclopedia of Godzilla series of informational books, and produced all four Get Going! Godzilland original video animations under its Gakken Video subsidiary.

Selected productions

Selected publications


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