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Arrow Video is the home video distribution arm of the United Kingdom-based film distribution company Arrow Films. Arrow Video releases collector-oriented Blu-ray and DVDs of independent, international, arthouse, cult, horror, and classic films. In 2018, it released all three entries of director Michio Yamamoto's Bloodthirsty Trilogy in a Blu-ray set in North America, the U.K., and Japan. In a Home Cinema Choice interview, Arrow Video announced plans to release a Gamera Blu-ray box set in 2020.

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  • Arrow Video's The Bloodthirsty Trilogy set marked the first non-VHS release of the three films included in North America. It also was the first home video release of the three films in Japan not to be through Toho.

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Green Blob Thing

9 hours 28 minutes ago
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Omg yes, more Gamera films in the UK and on blu-ray too, I need this. I wonder how many films will be on the set, cause at the moment we only have Gamera 2 and Gamera 3 from the Heisei trilogy over here.

Astounding Beyond Belief

21 minutes ago
Score 0
And the UK Special Edition of GOTU! :D
Real World