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Taco Bell is an American fast-food chain founded by Frank Bell in 1962. It is famous for creating a variety of Mexican style dishes in the fast-food format. In order to promote the release of the 1998 film GODZILLA, Taco Bell released Godzilla-themed merchandise, and also aired a commercial featuring Godzilla.



As part of the promotion, Taco Bell produced Godzilla toys to be distributed with their kid's meals, or sold individually with the purchase of a kid's meal for 99 cents. They include:

  • Baby Godzilla Wobbler (two variations)
  • Jet Shooter
  • Action Attack Godzilla
  • Godzilla Slime Egg
  • Water Tank
  • Escape Flight Helicopter

Collectible cups

Taco Bell also produced four collectible cups featuring Godzilla designs and a Godzilla cup holder designed for use in automobiles. The cups featured peel-away sheets with codes on them that, if a special decoder was used, could reveal a picture of Godzilla. If the player found Godzilla, they could redeem the ticket for a prize.

Commercial merchandise

Taco Bell released a special Yo quiero Taco Bell toy Chihuahua that, when squeezed, repeated a line from the company's commercial featuring Godzilla.


Taco Bell GODZILLA "Here Lizard" Commercial
Taco Bell GODZILLA "Want Something to Drink" Commercial
Taco Bell GODZILLA "Decoder Cups" Commercial


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