GODZILLA: Virtual Shakin

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GODZILLA: Virtual Shakin'
GODZILLA: Virtual Shakin'
Developer MGA Entertainment
Publisher MGA Entertainment
Platforms None
Languages English
Genre Handheld Game

GODZILLA: Virtual Shakin' is a handheld LCD video game based on the 1998 American Godzilla film manufactured by MGA Entertainment.


"Help Godzilla fight the onslaught of a total attack as the monster heads for New York City. You become Godzilla, the most fearsome creature in history, and feel the vibrating power of the monster every time you fire!

Featuring: Vibrating Fire Power, Automatic Scoring, Sound Effects, Multiple Levels of Play

Use your skill to help Godzilla prevail against jet fighters, helicopters and missiles.

Complete both levels in your attempt to achieve the highest score of 20,000 points."


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