Jumbo Godzilla

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Jumbo Godzilla
Jumbo Godzilla
Developer Namco
Publisher Hope
Platforms Arcade machine
Languages Japanese
Genre Side-scroller

Jumbo Godzilla (ジャンボゴジラ,   Janbo Gojira) is a 1995 arcade game. A side-scroller, it pits Godzilla against the JSDF and villainous monsters.


After dispatching several waves of JSDF forces, Godzilla is stymied by the Super X until another monster arrives to destroy it and challenge him. Buttons mounted on the sides of the screen allow him to tackle, tail whip, and fire atomic breath at his enemies. As a finishing move against monsters, he uses an orange beam reminiscent of the Heisei Godzilla's red spiral heat ray. Once his enemy is defeated, Godzilla returns to the sea.



Boss screen (Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla)

Weapons, vehicles, and races



Jumbo Godzilla Gameplay (SpaceGodzilla)
Jumbo Godzilla Gameplay (Destoroyah)
Jumbo Godzilla Gameplay (King Ghidorah)



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