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Key art for GigaBash
Developer Passion Republic Games
Publisher Passion Republic Games
Platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X
Languages English, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Indonesian, Malay
Genre Action, fighting, party

GigaBash is a kaiju fighting game developed and independently published by Malaysian studio Passion Republic Games. It released for Windows, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on August 5, 2022, and for Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles on August 3, 2023.[1] While the base roster is comprised of original characters, a DLC pack containing four monsters from the Godzilla franchise was released on December 6, 2022. It was followed by another pack with four characters from the Ultra Series on November 8, 2023.[2] Two more Godzilla monsters were added in a "Godzilla: Nemesis DLC" on May 16, 2024.[3]


Couch Play

Couch Play is one of the two Player vs. Player modes, in which players will go up against each other or CPUs from two-four Titans in one gameplay session. Couch Play is where players who are in the same space can link up multiple controllers and play with one screen. There are three modes within Couch Play: Free for all, where all Titans are against each other, Team Battle, where two players will be placed on two teams and fight each other, and Mayhem, in which a random minigame will be chosen to occur while players are fighting. Players can choose to control any of the Titans that have been unlocked, with Gorogong, Pipijuras, Thundatross, Woolley, Skorak, Gigaman, and Rohanna already being playable, and Rawa, Zyva, and Kongkrete needing to be unlocked in Story Mode first. Players can also choose to have the game randomize which Titan they play as. Players will vote on an arena, or let the game choose randomly. Winning matches or performing specific tasks will earn players collectables and badges in the Extras mode.

Online Mode

The second Player vs. Player mode, Online Mode allows players to connect and play with each other from across the world and across all platforms. There are four modes within Online Mode: Free-For-All, where all Titans are against each other; Team Battle, where two players will be placed on two teams and fight each other; Mayhem, in which a random minigame will be chosen to occur while players are fighting; and Quick Match, in which a player can join any open lobby for any of the modes, instead of waiting for a particular one. Players can choose to control any of the Titans that have been unlocked, with Gorogong, Pipijuras, Thundatross, Woolley, Skorak, Gigaman, and Rohanna already being playable, and Rawa, Zyva, and Kongkrete needing to be unlocked in Story mode first. Players can also choose to have the game randomize which Titan they play as. Players will vote on an arena, or let the game choose randomly. Winning matches or performing specific tasks will earn players collectables and badges in the Extras mode. Players can hold private matches, invite friends, and communicate via emotes in the character select screen.

Story Mode

Story mode is a set of four stories: The Legend of Luana Island, Project P.P.J.U.R.A.S, The Knight In Lighting Armor, and Wooley's Misadventures. The player will go from mission to mission, choosing the difficulty of each and progressing through the story. The player takes control of the kaiju Gorogong, Pipijuras, Thundatross, and Woolley, respectively, and will fight several other monsters from the base game's roster. Completing the missions or certain objectives will allow the player access to achievements, tokens, taunts, or subspecies, seen in the Extras section. After each story, the player unlocks a new Titan they could not previously play as, those characters being Rawa, Zyva, and Kongkrete.

Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode has a player choose a specific Titan to control and set a difficulty of easy, normal, or hard. The player will go through a total of nine stages in a random map against a random CPU Titan who has a random subspecies cosmetic. These stages will increase in difficulty, with successive opponents dealing more damage, possessing more health, and being controlled by better AI. The ninth stage always contains an S-Class final boss. The player is given three lives. At the end of the run or when a player loses all lives, a breakdown of their gameplay and how well they did is given to the player, as well as their high score for the set difficulty on the kaiju they played as.

Onslaught Mode

Onslaught Mode has either one or two players defeat endless waves of varying amounts of enemies. While playing, the wave number and icons indicating which enemies are present are displayed in the upper left-hand corner. During these waves, players may come across buffs that grant various positive effects to their chosen Titan. During the character select screen, the leader board for either co-op or single player is shown at the top depending on which is being played, and the global leaderboard scores are shown below it. This gamemode can reward the player with new cosmetics.


The Extras mode consists of information on the Titans of GigaBash: their profiles, lore, subspecies, movesets, taunts, and other collectables or tokens players earn through gameplay, such as concept art or music tracks.


The tutorial mode has players set up in a small space and teaches them how to play the game and use different abilities through text and button prompts, setting the player against a CPU for practice.


Gym serves as the game's testing arena, where players can set a CPU to a certain difficulty. Here, players can test out and practice their skills with the different Titans of the game, and the UI gives the information of: Total Damage, Damage, Damage Scaling, and Combo.




GigaBash's base roster includes 10 playable fighters, many of whom are inspired by different characters or tropes from Japanese tokusatsu:

Godzilla DLC

GigaBash's first DLC pack added four characters from the Godzilla series.

Ultraman DLC

GigaBash's second DLC pack added four characters from the Ultra Series. However, due to "regional restrictions and licensing agreements", it was not accessible in Japan or China.[2]

Godzilla: Nemesis DLC

GigaBash's third DLC pack, the "Godzilla: Nemesis DLC," added two more Godzilla monsters.


Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations


Main article: GigaBash/Movesets.


  • Kimura District, Tokyo
  • City Ruins, Tarabak
  • Slavagrad, Russia
  • GGN Tower, Tokyo
  • Holopolis, Hollow Earth
  • Research Lab, AREA-51
  • Luana Island
  • Palekana Port
  • Mount Gorogong
  • Dragon's Crossing, Tarabak
  • Forsaken Temple, Tarabak
  • Lake Lavina
  • Dig Site
  • Airforce Base, AREA-51
  • Power Station, AREA-51
  • Crystal Cave
  • Giga Core
  • Otomatc HQ, Tokyo
  • Yeti Sanctuary, Siberia


Players can collect a variety of extras by leveling up in-game. These include:


When viewing each Titan's profile, the "Reports" tab will be filled in with stories from different characters' views, providing lore and backstory for each of the Titans.


Sub-species are the game's equivalent to character skins, changing the palette of the fighter selected. New sub-species of a monster can be obtained by leveling it up.

Each Titan typically has nine sub-species to collect, with four given to you automatically upon unlocking a Titan. The sub-species are listed below.

  1. Mad Beast
  2. Clay
  3. Sageflame
  4. Hoarfrost
  5. Caustic
  6. Ashen
  7. Holobeast
  8. Sinister
  9. Demon King
  10. Jungle Warrior
  11. The Abominable
  12. Gorokong
  1. Specimen-51
  2. Trickster
  3. Origin
  4. Jester
  5. Glacial
  6. Melon
  7. Zucchini
  8. Synthwave
  9. IKaggen
  10. Coalescence
  1. Azure Knight
  2. Green Sabre
  3. Prototype - 01
  4. Unit - 02
  5. Vaporwave
  6. Synthwave
  7. Silverstorm
  8. Lionheart
  9. Woodland Warrior
  10. Timbertross
  1. Yeti
  2. Banana Blast
  3. Strawberry
  4. Choco Mint
  5. Blue Moon
  6. Berrysaurus
  7. Lime Twist
  8. Rich Chocolate
  9. Panda Vanilla
  10. Coffee Caramel
  11. Papa
  1. Great Devourer
  2. Slime
  3. Virulent
  4. Hosogami
  5. Venom
  6. Nudibranch
  7. Pestilence
  8. Sessho-seki
  9. Ōkubi no Honō
  1. Veteran Hero
  2. Red Justice
  3. Griffin Star
  4. Multi-Type
  5. Millennium
  6. Green Trooper
  7. Covert
  8. Virtue
  9. Zero Jin
  10. Rising
  1. Ancient Monarch
  2. Nightshade
  3. Hibiscus
  4. Larkspur
  5. Hydrangea
  6. Cymbidium
  7. Agave
  8. Hellebores
  9. Anemone
  10. Monarch
  1. Dragon King
  2. Firestorm
  3. Blizzard
  4. Jade Serpent
  5. Orochi
  6. Holotail
  7. Uwabami
  8. Eclipse
  9. Napal
  10. Wu Long
  1. Sentinel
  2. Amber
  3. Garnet
  4. Sapphire
  5. Quartz
  6. Topaz
  7. Beryl
  8. Oblivion
  9. Ghamidzyva
  10. Bizmuth
  1. Urban
  2. Ruins
  3. Resort
  4. Military
  5. Tundra
  6. Hollow Earth


Players can earn the art seen throughout GigaBash and concept art through playing the game. These include concept art for the Titans and locations, the story art that appears throughout the game's four story modes, and several pieces of key art.


Players can earn tracks from the soundtrack of GigaBash, composed by Funk Fiction, through playing the game's various modes and completing different challenges.

Main article: GigaBash/Soundtrack.


Badges are achievements players can earn through completing specific objectives or challenges in matches.

  • Might Is Always Right: Deal the highest total damage in a match.
  • No Dodge Ninja: Never use Dodge in the entire match.
  • Titan Hunter: Deal the finishing blow to everyone in the match.
  • Can't Touch This: Dodge the most attacks in the match.
  • Happy Hopper: Jump the most in the match.
  • Unbreakable: Block the most number of attacks in the match.
  • Cardio: Walk the most.
  • Ultimate Showman: Use the most Taunts in the match.
  • First Bash: Land the first strike of the match.
  • I Have The Power!!!: Transform into S-Class the most in the match.
  • City Peace Award: Cause the least damage to the environment.
  • Collateral Damage: Destroy the most buildings in the match.
  • Ultimate Snatcher: Use the most Ultimates in the match.
  • Man's Worst Enemy: Step on the most civilians in the match.
  • Man's Best Friend: Avoid stepping on any civilian in the match.
  • Size Doesn't Matter: Defeat an S-Class Titan in your normal form.
  • Daredevil: Never use Block in the entire match.
  • Catch This: Throw the most buildings in the match.
  • Rocket-Powered Pitcher: Throw the most objects in the match.
  • Vacum Cleaner: As Woolley, use the most inhale in the match.
  • Sharpshooter: Land the most projectile-base attcaks in the match.
  • Thunder God's Wrath: As Thundatross, land the most Lightning Strike(s) in the match.
  • Fire & Fury: As Gorogong, land the most Double Punch(es) in the match.
  • Rebound Mastery: Bounce enemies off the wall the most number of times.
  • Wombo Combo: Deal the most hits in a single combo.
  • Survivalist: Survive for five minutes and be the last player to be defeated.
  • Front Row Spectator: Lose all your life stocks within one minute.
  • Avenger: Defeat an enemy using Post Death.
  • The Collector: Collect the most Giga Energy Orbs in a match.
  • Speciality Slinger: Land the most Special Attacks in the match.
  • Ultra Instinct: Use Block just before you get hit by an attack.
  • Parry This!: Use Grab on blocking enemies the most in the match.
  • Kaiju-Jitsu: Use Grab the most in the match.
  • Dunk Master: Use the most Air Grabs in the match.
  • Battered But Unbroken: Block the most amount of damage in the match.
  • Riposte!: Land the most counter attacks in the match.
  • Interceptor: Block the most number of attacks in the match.
  • No Mercy: Deal the most damage within five seconds.
  • "At Least You Tried" Award: Do absolutely nothing in the match.


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A collaboration with the Godzilla franchise was announced on September 14, 2022.[4] On November 3, the first teaser for this collaboration was released, revealing that Godzilla would be added to the game as part of a DLC expansion on December 9, 2022.[5] Subsequent marketing teased three additional characters. On November 16, the DLC's release date was moved up to December 7.[6].[7]

On October 12, 2023, it was announced that four characters from the Ultra Series would join the roster as part of a DLC expansion.[2]

A second Godzilla DLC, the "Nemesis Pack," was announced on April 25, 2024. Set for release on May 16, it will add two characters as opposed to the other packs' four.[3]


Main article: GigaBash/Gallery.


Award Category Result
Level Up KL 2019 Grand Jury Award Won
Best Technology Won
Best Game Design Won
Audience Choice Award Won
Tokyo Game Show 2019 Dengeki Indie Prize Won
Famitsu Indie Prize Nominated Indie Prize Nominated
Taipei Game Show 2020 Best Design Nominated
Best Visual Art Nominated
Gamers Without Borders 2021 Honorary Award Won
Game Developers Conference 2022 Best in Play Won
BIG Festival 2022 Special Unreleased Best Game Award Won
Xsolla Special Award Won


Main article: GigaBash/Videos.


  • This game marks the first Godzilla collaboration with a video game in the form of DLC, as opposed to a limited-time event.
  • The initial release date for the Godzilla DLC, December 9, coincided with the release day of Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, with the characters it unlocks including Burning Godzilla (as part of Godzilla's S-Class form) and Destoroyah.
  • When Kiryu uses his ultimate move, an outline of the 1954 Godzilla can be briefly seen.
  • Although Godzilla's appearance in this game is based on his Heisei incarnation, the sound effect for his atomic breath charging up comes from the Monsterverse Godzilla.
  • Several moves reference Godzilla films:
  • Gigan's block special teleports him behind the enemy, an ability previously seen in Atari and Pipeworks games, specifically Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee and its sequel. One of his taunts completely recreates the intro animation from these games, as well as the PlayStation 2 version of Godzilla: Unleashed.
  • One of Rawa's taunts is a reference to Godzilla's shē (シェー) dance in Invasion of Astro-Monster. Godzilla can perform this dance as a taunt as well. Godzilla's dance was created with motion capture, while Rawa's was not due to COVID-19 restrictions earlier in the game's development.[8]
  • Destoroyah's initial biography erroneously called Godzilla Junior "Babygodzilla", which solely describes the character's form from Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II. However, this was later changed in an update.
  • Gigan's model possesses nostrils, although these were absent from the original Showa design it is based on.
  • While Unit-02 is also a skin of Thundatross, it has a different model from the storymode boss version featured.
  • Gigan's alternate skin is patterned after his appearance in Godzilla Final Wars, and his laser beam is based on the Scattered Light Beam Gigarium Cluster from this film.
  • Godzilla, Kiryu, Ultraman, and Ultraman Tiga were previously featured together in the 2017 video game City Shrouded in Shadow, although none of the Ultraman characters interacted with the Godzilla characters.
  • The game shares some similarities with the Monsterverse, including classifying monsters as Titans and the presence of a Hollow Earth containing a mysterious energy source.
  • When Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga's health is low, their Color Timers will begin to blink. Upon defeat, each Ultra's eyes will go dark.
  • The game's Patch 1.3 allowed characters from the Godzilla and Ultraman DLCs to "beam clash" with each other, much like the Beam-Fight mechanic in the Atari-Pipeworks games Godzilla: Save the Earth and Godzilla: Unleashed. [9]
    • In the game's Patch 1.35, Gigaman was given this mechanic and currently is the only base game character able to.[10]
    • Gigan and Hedorah are the only DLC combatants who cannot enter a Beam Clash.
  • The release date of the second Godzilla DLC - May 16, 2024 - marks the 10th anniversary of Godzilla (2014).
  • According to writer Gerald Yong, Passion Republic Games contractually "cannot write a story for [Godzilla and Ultraman characters] or tie it into the canon of GigaBash," although he knows how he would write such a story.[11]
  • Though the King Ghidorah in this game is based on his Heisei-era version, he possesses abilities reminscent of other versions:
  • Godzilla is the only DLC character whose S-Class form appears significantly different from his base form. Most of the other DLC characters simply increase in size when becoming S-Class, although Kiryu's eyes also turn red.
  • One of King Ghidorah's sub-species is silver in color; coincidentally, a silver Ghidorah named "King Ghidorah Silver" previously appeared in the 1989 trading card set Godzilla Wars 2.
  • All of Hedorah's roars in the game are original sound effects. Additionally, Ghidorah uses Mecha-King Ghidorah roars when going S-Class and using his Ultimate.

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