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GigaBash (Original Game Soundtrack)
Composed by Funk Fiction
Released by Rare Drop
# of tracks 45

GigaBash (Original Game Soundtrack) is the soundtrack to the 2022 video game GigaBash. It was composed by Funk Fiction and was released by Rare Drop to digital services. The score contains 45 tracks. The soundtrack for GigaBash can be earned in-game as rewards through playing the different modes with different Titans, as well as completing different challenges and earning badges.


  1. Main Theme
  2. Kahu'a Theme
  3. Kahu'a Theme (S-Class)
  4. Hollow Earth Theme
  5. Hollow Earth Theme (S-Class)
  6. Tarabak Theme
  7. Tarabak Theme (S-Class)
  8. AREA-51 Theme
  9. AREA-51 Theme (S-Class)
  10. Siberia Theme
  11. Siberia Theme (S-Class)
  12. Tokyo Theme
  13. Tokyo Theme (S-Class)
  14. All Hope Is Lost
  15. Calm Before The Storm
  16. City In Trouble
  17. It's Too Late
  18. More Trouble
  19. Yeti Sanctuary
  20. Yeti Sanctuary (S-Class)
  21. Travelling
  22. Gorogong's Theme - In The Jungle
  23. Gorogong's Theme - What Lies Beneath
  24. Gorogong's Theme - Princess Luana
  25. Gorogong's Theme - Dominance
  26. Gorogong's Theme - Primal Ending
  27. Pipijuras's Theme
  28. Thundatross's Theme - All Is Well
  29. Thundatross's Theme - Revelation
  30. Thundatross's Theme - Evil Plan
  31. Thundatross's Theme - Final Battle
  32. Woolley's Theme
  33. Victory!
  34. Hope
  35. Credits
  36. Tokyo (Live Version)
  37. Tokyo S-Class (Live Version)
  38. Tarabak (Live Version)
  39. Tarabak S-Class (Live Version)
  40. AREA-51 (Live Version)
  41. AREA-51 S-Class (Live Version)
  42. Kahu'a (Live Version)
  43. Kahu'a S-Class (Live Version)
  44. Siberia (Live Version)
  45. Siberia S-Class (Live Version)


"GigaBash Main Theme"
"Kahu'a S-Class"
"Hollow Earth"
"Hollow Earth S-Class"
"Tarabak S-Class"
"AREA-51 S-Class"
"Siberia S-Class"
"Tokyo S-Class"
"All Hope Is Lost"
"Calm Before The Storm"
"City In Trouble"
"It's Too Late"
"More Trouble"
"Yeti Sanctuary"
"Yeti Sanctuary S-Class"
"Gorogong's Theme - In The Jungle"
"Gorogong's Theme - What Lies Beneath"
"Gorogong's Theme - Princess Luana"
"Gorogong's Theme - Dominance"
"Gorogong's Theme - Primal Ending"
"Pipijuras's Theme"
"Thundatross's Theme - All Is Well"
"Thundatross's Theme - Revelation"
"Thundatross's Theme - Evil Plan"
"Thundatross's Theme - Final Battle"
"Woolley's Theme"
"Tokyo (Live)"
"Tokyo S-Class (Live)"
"Tarabak (Live)"
"Tarabak S-Class (Live)"
"AREA-51 (Live)"
"AREA-51 S-Class (Live)"
"Kahu'a (Live)"
"Kahu'a S-Class (Live)"
"Siberia (Live)"
"Siberia S-Class (Live)"


  • The in-game music section splits "Pipijuras's Theme" and "Woolley's Theme" into multiple parts, those being "Setting Off", "Memories", "Overload", and "Mission Accomplish" for "Pipijuras's Theme" and "What's That?", "Where Are My Friends?", "Where Are My Friends? Part 2", "Celebration", "Turning Point", "Turning Point Part 2", and "Team Work" for "Woolley's Theme". The released soundtrack simply combines these into the single songs.


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