Destroy All Monsters (1968) soundtracks

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Destroy All Monsters
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Destroy All Monsters soundtrack
Futureland/Toshiba EMI Japan Destroy All Monsters Cover
ADV Music Destroy All Monsters Cover
Godzilla Soundtrack Perfect Collection Destroy All Monsters Cover
Tokyo Shock Destroy All Monsters Cover
Red Bitch Music Destroy All Monsters Cover
Composed by Akira Ifukube
Released 1993
# of tracks 30

The soundtrack of Destroy All Monsters was released in 1993 with music by Akira Ifukube.


  1. The Toho Mark/Main Title
  2. Title Credits
  3. Monster Land
  4. The Lunar Base I
  5. Unusual Change on Monster Island
  6. The Lunar Base II
  7. SY-3
  8. The Unmanned Subterranean Center
  9. The Kilaak Starmen I
  10. Escape from Monster Land
  11. The Unknown Metal
  12. Discovery of the Monster Controls
  13. Radon Comes Flying
  14. The 4 Monsters Attack Tokyo
  15. The Missile War to Protect the Capital
  16. Ruins
  17. Godzilla/Angilas vs. The Defense Corps
  18. Radon in Pursuit
  19. The Kilaak Starmen II
  20. The Lunar Base and SY-3
  21. SY-3 Sortie
  22. The Expedition Vehicle Breaks Through
  23. The Kilaaks' Essence
  24. Remote Control Destruction!
  25. The Monsters Pow-wow on Earth
  26. Major Battle at Fuji I
  27. Major Battle at Fuji II
  28. Destruction of the Subterranean Dome
  29. Fire Dragon Pursuit
  30. Ending

Bonus tracks (exclusive to Perfect Collection)

  1. The Mysterious UFO on the Moon (M7)
  2. The SY-3 Goes to Earth (M7A)
  3. Tokyo Defense Strategy (M14A)
  4. Self Defense Force Attack Preparation (M15B)
  5. Godzilla in the Foliage (M17A)
  6. The Kilaak Appear (M18)
  7. SY-3 Escapes (M23A)
  8. Title Credits (M2-T1)
  9. Title Credits (M2-T2)
  10. Title Credits (M2-T3)
  11. Strange Metal (M11-T1)

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