Godzilla Final Wars (2004) soundtrack

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Godzilla Final Wars
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Godzilla Final Wars soundtrack
The cover for the CD
Composed by Keith Emerson
Daisuke Yano
Nobuhiko Morino
Akira Ifukube
(Recycled Music)
Released 2004
# of tracks 29

The soundtrack of Godzilla Final Wars was released on 2004, with music by Keith Emerson, Daisuke Yano and Nobuhiko Morino, as well as edited music by Akira Ifukube and one song by Sum41.

Tracks[edit | edit source]

  1. THEME OF GODZILLA (Akira Ifukube)
  2. THE KING OF MONSTERS (Daisuke Yano)
  3. THE BEGINNING OF THE END (Nobuhiko Morino)
  4. MANDA VS GOTENGO (Keith Emerson)
  5. MANDA VS GOTENGO PART 2 (Keith Emerson)
  7. EDF MUSEUM (Keith Emerson)
  8. INFANT ISLAND (Keith Emerson)
  9. RODAN ATTACKS N.Y.C (Keith Emerson)
  10. THE ARRIVAL (Daisuke Yano)
  11. THE PROOF (Nobuhiko Morino)
  12. REVEAL (Nobuhiko Morino)
  13. HIGH BATTLE (Keith Emerson)
  14. OPERATION:FINAL WAR (Nobuhiko Morino)
  15. AREA G (Nobuhiko Morino)
  16. RETURN OF THE KING (Daisuke Yano)
  17. READY FOR RUMBLE (Daisuke Yano)
  18. KAZAMA'S SACRIFICE (Keith Emerson)
  19. BACK IN ACTION (Nobuhiko Morino)
  20. AWAKEN (Daisuke Yano)
  21. FIGHT BACK (Daisuke Yano)
  22. THE RISING (Daisuke Yano)
  23. ENDING TITLE (Keith Emerson)
  24. AWAKENING G (Keith Emerson)
  25. RESPECT G. (Keith Emerson - Akira Ifukube)
  26. FIRST MEETING (Keith Emerson)
  27. MONSTER ZERO MARCH (Akira Ifukube)
  29. GODZILLA MAIN THEME (Akira Ifukube)

Other[edit | edit source]

  1. We're All To Blame (Sum41)

Trivia[edit | edit source]


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