Latitude Zero (1969) soundtrack

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Latitude Zero
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Latitude Zero soundtrack
The cover for the DVD
Composed by Akira Ifukube
Released 1997
# of tracks 52

The soundtrack of Latitude Zero was released in 1997, with music by Akira Ifukube.


Original Songs

  1. Main Title
  2. Diving Ball
  3. The Undersea Volcano
  4. The Submarine 'Alpha'
  5. Mackenzie
  6. The 164-Year Voyage
  7. Bloodrock
  8. The Alpha vs. the Black Shark I
  9. The Alpha vs. the Black Shark II
  10. The Alpha vs. the Black Shark III
  11. The Alpha vs. the Black Shark IV
  12. The Entrance to Latitude Zero
  13. Utopia - Latitude Zero I
  14. Utopia - Latitude Zero IV
  15. Utopia - Latitude Zero II
  16. The Fare at Latitude Zero II
  17. Attack of the Black Shark
  18. The Kidnapping of Dr. Okada
  19. Mariku and Dr. Okada
  20. Immunization Bath
  21. The Bloodrock Trap
  22. The Griffin(s)
  23. The Monster(s) at Bloodrock
  24. The Mackenzie Invasion
  25. Lukuresia's *2 Last Moments
  26. The Appearance of the Black Shark
  27. Metal Fragments
  28. The Alpha in Flight
  29. The Griffin(s) and the Black Shark
  30. Utopia - Latitude Zero III
  31. Ruckus on the Ground
  32. Ending
  33. M1T1
  34. M17T1

Collection of Edited Songs

  1. M1T2 (Edits)
  2. M3 (Edits)
  3. M12 (Edits)
  4. M13 (Edits)
  5. M19A (M21 Edits)
  6. M29A (M27 Edits)

Sound Effects

  1. Sound of the Alpha Cruising Underwater
  2. The Alpha Control Room
  3. Sound of the Alpha in Flight
  4. Sounds of the Alpha's Electronic Instruments - Outside the Vessel
  5. Corvexo-Suits2/Glove Laser Beam(s)
  6. Sound of the Black Shark Cruising Underwater
  7. Sounds Aboard the Black Shark
  8. Sound of the Black Shark Firing its Torpedo(es)
  9. Sound of the Black Shark Firing its Laser Gun(s)
  10. Sound of the Black Shark Firing its Main Gun(s)
  11. Latitude Zero - Preview Edition
  12. Soundtrack Single Disk Reprint: Latitude Zero from Toei's "Latitude Zero"


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