The War in Space (1977) soundtrack

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The War in Space
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The War in Space soundtrack
The cover for the soundtrack
Composed by Toshiaki Tsushima
Released ????
# of tracks 17

The soundtrack of The War in Space was composed by Toshiaki Tsushima. It was originally released on vinyl in 1977, and later remastered and re-released on a two-CD set by label CINEMA-KAN in 2020.


  1. Toho Logo
  2. Title Back
  3. Muroi and Jun's Engagement Announcement
  4. False Dr. Schmidt Chase
  5. National Defense Countermeasure HQ - Hell Fighters
  6. Gohten Base
  7. Gohten Base Attacked - Gohten Launch Command
  8. Gohten Launch
  9. Myoshi and Muroi
  10. Venus Orbit
  11. Discovery of the Daimakan - Land Rover Crisis
  12. Space Fighter Sortie
  13. Myoshi is Captured
  14. Gohten vs. Daimakan
  15. Daimakan's Counter Attack - Gohten Shot Down
  16. With the Ether Bomb
  17. Pyrrhic Victory


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