Godzilla (2014 video game) soundtrack

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Godzilla (PS3 / PS4) soundtrack
The cover for the game
Composed by Hiroyuki Iwatsuki
Released 2014
# of tracks 20

This is the in-game soundtrack for Godzilla on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Hiroyuki Iwatsuki is credited for the game's sound.


  1. Godzilla's Theme (Akira Ifukube)
  2. System 1PS3/Main MenuPS4
  3. System 2PS3/Menu NavigationPS4
  4. System 3 (Victory)PS3/VictoryPS4
  5. System 4PS3/EplioguePS4
  6. Stage 1PS3/Stage Theme 1PS4
  7. Stage 2PS3/Stage Theme 2PS4
  8. Stage 3PS3/Stage Theme 3PS4
  9. Stage 4PS3/Stage Theme 4PS4
  10. Stage 5PS3/Final Stage ThemePS4
  11. Maser March (Akira Ifukube)
  12. WeaponPS3/VS. GotengoPS4
  13. VS. Super X
  14. JSDF March (Akira Ifukube)
  15. VS. Gojira (Akira Ifukube)
  16. VS. Godzilla
  17. VS. Jet Jaguar
  18. VS. Showa Monster
  19. VS. Heisei Monster
  20. VS. Millennium Monster


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