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Skull Island (series)
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Skull Island (Soundtrack
from the Netflix Series)
Skull Island (series)/Soundtrack
Composed by Jason Lazarus, Joseph Trapanese
Released June 23, 2023[1]
# of tracks 28

Skull Island (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series) is the soundtrack to the 2023 Netflix Original animated series Skull Island, composed by Jason Lazarus and Joseph Trapanese. Milan Records released it digitally on June 23, 2023.[1]


  1. "Once Upon a Maritime"
  2. "Sea Beast"
  3. "The Depths Below"
  4. "Ashore"
  5. "Shipwrecked"
  6. "Big Croc, Bigger Monkey"
  7. "Cheeseburger"
  8. "Interview"
  9. "Breakfast"
  10. "Focal Point"
  11. "Baited"
  12. "Kong's Throne"
  13. "Air Whale"
  14. "Bamboo Cross"
  15. "Memories of Mom"
  16. "Gremlins, Reunions, and Apologies"
  17. "Skull"
  18. "Stargazing"
  19. "Massacre"
  20. "Mi Rey"
  21. "Kong in Pursuit"
  22. "Clash of the Titans"
  23. "Tentacles, Fists, and Fury"
  24. "Seafloor Struggle"
  25. "A Helping Hand"
  26. "Eye for an Eye"
  27. "Long Live the King"
  28. "An Unfamiliar Island"


This is a list of references for Skull Island (series)/Soundtrack. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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