Guyferd (1996) soundtrack

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Guyferd (series)

Guyferd Original Soundtrack
The cover of the Guyferd soundtrack
Composed by yamanaka,
Kenzo Fukuyama ("Eternal Vow"),
Masahiro Arakawa ("Befriend")
Released June 6, 1996
# of tracks 35

The Guyferd Original Soundtrack (七星闘神ガイファード オリジナル・サウンドトラック,   Shichisei Tōsei Gaifādo Orijinaru Saundotorakku, lit. Seven Star Fighting God Guyferd: Original Soundtrack) was released by EMI Music Japan on June 26, 1996, featuring music by yamanaka. It includes the series' score along with its opening theme "Eternal Vow," written, composed and performed by Kenzo Fukuyama, and its closing theme "Befriend," performed by Kotono Shibuya. The soundtrack also features the opening and ending themes of the Capcom games Mega Man X3 and Resident Evil as bonus tracks.


  1. Eternal Vow (Kenzo Fukuyama) 永遠の誓い
  2. King Spirit: "Extreme Star Fist" 王気「極星拳」
  3. Go's Theme 剛のテーマ
  4. Crown クラウン
  5. The Mutians ミューティアン
  6. Fighting Challenge 闘いに挑む
  7. A Battle of Anger 怒りの決戦
  8. Cyborg サイボーグ
  9. Ambition 野望
  10. Mystery 神秘
  11. Pentagram 五芒星
  12. The Ice Woman "Shion" 氷の女“紫苑”
  13. Wandering 彷徨
  14. Fallah ファラー
  15. Anguish 苦悩
  16. A Suspicious Sign あやしい気配
  17. Crisis 危機
  18. The Devil's Experiment 悪魔の実験
  19. Suspense サスペンス
  20. The Runaway Experiment 実験体の暴走
  21. Brotherly Love 兄弟愛
  22. A Premonition of Love 恋の予感
  23. Sadness かなしみ
  24. Secret Organization 秘密組織
  25. Evil Plan 悪の企み
  26. Courageous Sustenance 勇気の糧
  27. Crown's Offense and Defense クラウンの攻防
  28. Transformation 変身
  29. King Spirit: "Conflagration Attack" 王気「烈火撃」
  30. Decision 決意
  31. Befriend (Kotono Shibuya)
  32. One More Time (Kotono Shibuya) ワン・モア・タイム
  33. I'm Believer (Kotono Shibuya) アイム・ビリーヴァー
  34. An Icy Gaze (Fumitaka Fuchigami) 氷のまなざし
  35. Neverending Dream... (Fumitaka Fuchigami) 夢で終らせない…


  • The tracks "One More Time" and "I'm Believer," sung by the same artist as the show's closing theme, are taken from the video game Mega Man X3, another Capcom property.


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