"Is Humanity to die?"

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"Is Humanity to die?"
Is Humanity to die?
Performed by Catherine Bott,[1] Deborah Miles-Johnson,[1] Andrew Busher,[1] Michael George[1]
Composed by Shiro Sagisu
Arranged by Masamichi Amano,[1] CHOKKAKU,[1] Shiro Sagisu
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski,[1] Shiro Sagisu
Heard in Shin Ultraman

"Is Humanity to die?" (世界の終わり?,   Sekai no Owari) is a song composed by Shiro Sagisu for the soundtrack of the 2022 film Shin Ultraman.


Is Humanity to die
is the prophecy true
and our world comes to an end
is our destiny outwith our hands

so do we need to destroy everything we've ever had
in order to start again wipe away all of our sins the
aftermath of the world that we have to leave behind will
finally be consigned to a void in history

When the world conspires to it's final implosion
humankind will light the fires of self destruction
Judgement will be cast upon the sinners and the sinned
this prophets had foretold of armageddon in their doctrines
we shall suffer ultimately no one or nothing will be spared[2]


Is Humanity to die?


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Shin Ultraman Music Collection (booklet). King Records. 22 June 2022.


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