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The cover of the Godzilla Singular Point Original Soundtrack
Performed by Annette Philip
Composed by Kan Sawada
Arranged by Kan Sawada
Lyrics by Goro Matsui
Heard in Godzilla Singular Point

"ALAPU UPALA" (アラプ ウパラ,   Arapu Upara) is an insert song used in the 2021 anime series Godzilla Singular Point, performed by Indian-American singer Annette Philip. Numerous versions of the song appear throughout the show; its Original Soundtrack includes versions labeled Popular Song ver., Choir ver., Requiem ver. and Unknown Future ver. The Special Soundtrack additionally includes a Countdown ver.


Disclaimer: As the song's Sanskrit lyrics have never been officially released, inaccuracies may be present.
Sanskrit Japanese transliteration[1] English transliteration Japanese translation[1] English translation of Japanese

लपउ दा उपल
पृथ्वी आकाशः
किरणः इह किरणः
अग्निः उदकम्

लाक इह काल
नित्यम् दुर्ग
मौनम् दा मौनम्
वायु ईश

संकल्पः संवादम्
कैवल्य कर्म
ईश्वर पूजा
हरि हरि दानम्

अमृतम् औषधम्[note 1]
अदृष्ट धर्मः
सत्संग कोटि
ऋतम् ऋतम् मेधा

ラパウ ダ ウパラ
プルッティヴィ アーカシャ
キラナ イハ キラナ
アグニ ウダカ

ラーカ イハ カーラ
ニッティヤ ドゥルガー
マウナ ダ マウナ
ヴァーユ イーシャ

サンカルパ サンヴァーダ
カイヴァッリャ カルマ
イーシュワラ プージャー
ハリ ハリ ダーナ

アムリタ アウシュニャ
アドリシュタ ダルマ
サットサンガ コーティ
ルタ ルタ メーダー

Lapau dā upala
Pṛthvī́ ākāśaḥ
Kiráṇaḥ ihá kiráṇaḥ
Agníḥ udakám

Lāka ihá kāla
Nítyam durgá
Maunám dā maunám
Vāyú īśá

Saṃkalpáḥ saṃvādam
Kaivalya karma
Īśvara pūjā
Hári hári dā́nam

Amṛ́tam auṣadhám[note 1]
Adṛṣṭa dhármaḥ
Satsaṅg koṭi
Ṛtám ṛtám medhā́

光 この場所

時間 この場所
永遠 理解され難いもの
統治者 風

心に決めること 対話
唯一であること 自由意志の行為
宇宙の現象のすべて 儀式
苦しみを取り去る者 与えること

不死 熱
集まり 大きな数字
真実 知性

Something considered a jewel
The heavens and the earth
A light, this place
Fire and water

Time, this place
Eternity, something difficult to understand
Something considered silence
A sovereign, the air

Something decided by your heart, a conversation
Something isolated, an act of free will
A phenomenon of the whole universe, a ritual
He who takes away suffering, something given

Immortality, heat
An invisible law
A gathering, large numbers
The truth, intelligence


"ALAPU UPALA" (Popular Song ver.)
"ALAPU UPALA" (Choir ver.)
"ALAPU UPALA" (Unknown Future ver.)
"ALAPU UPALA" (Requiem ver.)
"ALAPU UPALA" (Countdown ver.)


  • This is the first and only song performed for a piece of Godzilla media to be written in Sanskrit.
  • In an interview included in the booklet for the Godzilla Singular Point Original Soundtrack, lyricist Goro Matsui stated that he had "Mothra's Song" in mind when writing "ALAPU UPALA."[2]
  • According to composer Kan Sawada, Goro Matsui based the song's lyrics around the five major elements (godai) of Japanese Buddhist thought, with each tying into a different monster from the series. "Earth" represents Anguirus, "fire" represents Godzilla, "air" or "void" represents Rodan, "water" represents Manda, and "wind" represents Jet Jaguar.[3]


  1. 1.0 1.1 In the recorded version of the song, the word औषधम् (auṣadhám) is sung, meaning "medicine." However, this can be seen as erroneous, as the corresponding Japanese lyric means "heat." The Sanskrit उष्णताम् (uṣṇatām) for "heat" would therefore be more correct.


This is a list of references for ALAPU UPALA. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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