"An Out of Body State"

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"An Out of Body State"
An Out of Body State
Performed by Catherine Bott,[1] Deborah Miles-Johnson,[1] Andrew Busher,[1] Michael George[1]
Composed by Shiro Sagisu
Arranged by CHOKKAKU,[1] Shiro Sagisu
Lyrics by Mike Wyzgowski,[1] Shiro Sagisu
Heard in Shin Ultraman

"An Out of Body State" (体外離脱,   Taigai Ridatsu) is a song composed by Shiro Sagisu for the soundtrack of the 2022 film Shin Ultraman.


I can't see what it is
I can feel inside myself
it's cold, outside invisible fire burns my skin
it's like nothing I've felt before, an out of body state
making my brain confused in a spin

I wander through the darkness
all that I feel is charmless
if someone else could hear me I would cry but
I'm too afraid to whisper
if I awake my demons
they'll desecrate my spirit
I wish I could...[2]


An Out of Body State


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Shin Ultraman Music Collection (booklet). King Records. 22 June 2022.


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