"Return the Sun!" / "Save the Earth"

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"Return the Sun!" / "Save the Earth"
Mari Keiko sings "Return the Sun!" in Godzilla vs. Hedorah
Performed by "Return the Sun!":
Mari Keiko, Honey Knights,
Moon Drops
"Save the Earth":
Adryan Russ, Guy Hemric,
Don Ciminelli
Composed by Riichiro Manabe
Arranged by Hiroshi Takada
Lyrics by "Return the Sun!":
Yoshimitsu Banno
"Save the Earth":
Adryan Russ, Guy Hemric
Heard in Godzilla vs. Hedorah

"Return the Sun!" (かえせ!太陽を,   Kaese! Taiyō o, lit. Return! The Sun) is a song performed by Mari Keiko, Honey Knights, and Moon Drops, with lyrics by Yoshimitsu Banno and music composed by Riichiro Manabe. It appears as a recurring piece throughout the 1971 film Godzilla vs. Hedorah. In the American version of the film (but not the international English dub recorded in Hong Kong), the song was retitled "Save the Earth", with new lyrics written by Adryan Russ and Guy Hemric and performed by Russ. The male chorus consisted of Hemric, producer Don Ciminelli, and anyone else in the studio Ciminelli could find when he "patrolled the halls with a hook."[1] Russ's rendition is available as a hidden track on the CD Everyone Has a Story: The Songs of Adryan Russ.[2] When "Return the Sun!" was re-recorded as a single in and released by Tower Music in 2008 in a limited CD box set, it was given the new title "SAVE THE EARTH ~ Return the Sun!" (SAVE THE EARTH〜かえせ! 太陽を), combining the original title with the title of the American version of the song.



水銀 コバルト カドミウム
鉛 硫酸 オキシダン
シアン マンガン バナジウム
クロム カリウム ストロンチュウム
汚れちまった海 汚れちまった空
生きもの皆 いなくなって
野も 山も 黙っちまった
地球の上に 誰も
誰もいなけりゃ 泣くこともできない
かえせ かえせ かえせ かえせ
みどりを 青空を かえせ
かえせ かえせ かえせ
青い海を かえせ かえせ かえせ
かえせ かえせ かえせ
命を 太陽を かえせ かえせ


Tori mo sakana mo doko e itta no
Tonbo mo chō mo doko e itta no
Suigin kobaruto kadomiumu
Namari ryūsan okishidan
Shian mangan banajiumu
Suromu kariumu sutoronchuumu
Yogore chimatta umi
Yogore chimatta sora
Ikimono mina inaku natte
No mo yama mo damatchimatta
Chikyū no ue ni dare mo
Dare mo inakerya naku koto mo dekinai
Kaese kaese kaese kaese
Midori o aozora o kaese
Kaese kaese kaese
Aoi umi o kaese kaese kaese
Kaese kaese kaese
Inochi o taiyō o kaese kaese

English translation

Translation by Jolyon Yates[3]

Islands... fish... where've you gone?
Dragonflies... butterflies... where've you gone?
Mercury, cobalt, cadmium
Lead, sulfuric-acid, oxidants
Cyanogen, manganese, vanadium
Chromium, potassium, strontium
Filthy polluted oceans, filthy polluted air
Living things will no longer exist
Fields... mountains...
Become silent
On the Earth there is nobody
Nobody around who can cry
Return! Return! Return! Return!
Green... blue skies... return!
Return! Return! Return!
Blue seas... return! Return!
Return! Return! Return! Return!
Life... the Sun... Return!
Return! Return! Return! Return! Return!

"Save the Earth"

Set to the same tune as "Return the Sun!"

Animals, God's animals
Don't go away, don't go
Flowers, my flowers
Don't go away, don't go
The sea has cobalt, it's full of mercury
Too many fumes in our oxygen
All the smog now is choking you and me
Good Lord, where is it gonna end?
Got to get it back, someday
Got to get it back, and soon now
For tomorrow maybe you and me
We're movin', we're movin', movin' to the Moon now
It's up to us to make a choice
We know what it's worth to save the Earth
Come raise your voice
Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)
Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)
See the evil problem around us
Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)
Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)
And the solution: stop pollution
Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)
Save the Earth! (Save the Earth)
Save the Earth!
And the solution: to stop pollution
Save the Earth!
Save the Earth!
Save the Earth!


"Return the Sun!"
"Save the Earth"


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