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Monsterverse television series
Skull Island
Monarch: Legacy of Monsters
Skull Island
The poster for Skull Island
Air date June 22, 2023
Directed by Willis Bulliner
Producer(s) Brian Duffield, Jacob Robinson, et al.
Written by Brian Duffield
Music by Joseph Trapanese, Jason Lazarus
Funded by Legendary Television
Production company Powerhouse Animation Studios
Channel(s) Netflix
Rating TV-14[1]
Genre(s) Animation, adventure,[2] fantasy[1]
Episodes 8
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— Tagline

Skull Island is a Netflix Original animated television series directed by Willis Bulliner and written, developed, and co-showran (with Jacob Robinson) by Brian Duffield. Produced by Legendary Television with animation by Powerhouse Animation Studios, it is both the Monsterverse's first television series and first 2D-animated entry, as well as the first traditionally animated King Kong series since Kong: The Animated Series ended in 2001. The series was originally scheduled to be released to Netflix sometime in 2022,[3] but was pushed back to June 22, 2023.[4] The series follows a cast of characters who find themselves shipwrecked on the titular Skull Island, where they encounter a host of its monstrous native creatures including its self-appointed Titan guardian: Kong.


A new chapter in Legendary's Monsterverse franchise, Skull Island is a thrilling animated adventure series that follows shipwrecked characters desperate to escape the most dangerous place on Earth — a mysterious island home to prehistoric monsters, including the greatest titan of them all, Kong.[5][2]


No. Title Directed by
1 "Maritime Pilot" Danny Araya
A mysterious castaway appears while Charlie, Mike and their dads search the ocean for mythical creatures, throwing all their plans into chaos.
2 "The Last Blank Space on the Map" Julie Olson,
Amanda Sitareh B.
As they adjust to wild new surroundings, Mike and Charlie realize that getting to shore was the easy part. Cap encounters another explorer.
3 "What's Up, Croc?" Danny Araya
On the run from a terrifying predator, the boys glimpse an unbelievable sight. Irene leads her team deeper into the island. Mike makes a confession.
4 "Breakfast Fit for a Kong" Amanda Sitareh B.
Annie and Dog stage a subterranean rescue operation. Irene gets better acquainted with the island's wildlife. Cap explains an intriguing theory.
5 "Doggone It" Danny Araya
A risky plan pays off, leading to a reunion — and new revelations. Stuck in a precarious situation, Charlie and Dog form an uneasy alliance.
6 "Terms of Endearment" Amanda Sitareh B.
Mike's injury catches up with him, while Annie and Irene unpack their complicated histories. Dog and Charlie's journey across the island continues.
7 "You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal" Danny Araya
Years in the past, Kong roams the island with a beloved human friend. But when his temper gets the better of him, the consequences could be dire.
8 "You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way" Amanda Sitareh B.
Charlie proposes a daring plan to defeat the sea monster and save Mike's life. But it will take all his courage — and Kong's strength — to pull it off.


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Supervising director   Willis Bulliner
  • Episodes directed by   Danny Araya, Julie Olson, Amanda Sitareh B.
  • Assistant director   Julie Olson (episode 1)
  • Casting and voice direction by   Meredith Layne
  • Animation supervisor   Tam Lu (episodes 1-2)
  • Written and developed by   Brian Duffield
  • Executive producers   Brian Duffield, Jacob Robinson, Brad Graeber, Jen Chambers, Thomas Tull
  • Supervising producer   Jason Williams
  • Music by   Joseph Trapanese, Jason Lazarus
  • Additional music by   Brian Parkhurst
  • Supervising editor   David Howe
  • Edited by   Justin Howe
  • Storyboard supervisor   Lou O'Neill
  • Character design supervisors   Jin Fang, Eddie Nuñez
  • Lead 3D artists   Mark Adams, Tucker Roche
  • Background design supervisors   Jessie Pyles, Louis Norris

Japanese dub

  • Studio   HALF H・P STUDIO
  • Directed by   Hajime Takakuwa
  • Translated by   Mako Hayashi
  • Mixing by   Kazuhito Nakanishi
  • Recording by   Yuma Hayashi

German dub

  • Studio   FFS Film- & Fernseh-Synchron GmbH
  • Translated, written, and directed by   Daniel Köberl
  • Recording by   Stephan Rohrmeier
  • Edited by   Nicoletta Kolmeder
  • Mixing by   Sebastian Baack
  • Recording manager   Mara Ehret-Bacher
  • Production manager   Hannah Nagel

Spanish dub

  • Studio   Audiomaster Candiani
  • Directed by   Joaquín López
  • Recording by   Alfonso López
  • Translated by   Alejandra Ortiz
  • Adapted by   Lesslye Munguía
  • Mixing by   Iván Murias
  • Project manager   Gerardo Torres
  • Production supervisor   Luis Espinosa
  • Operations manager   Rodolfo Olivares

Castilian Spanish dub

Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Studio   Deluxe Spain
  • Directed and adapted by   Marc Zanni
  • Translated by   Paula Mariani
  • Production supervisor   Sílvia Torrent
  • Production assistant   Irma Escobar
  • Recording by   Manuel Ávila
  • Edited by   Nil Samper
  • Mixing by   Carles Roy

French dub

  • Studio   Dubbing Brothers
  • Directed by   Cyrille Artaux
  • Adapted by   Romain Berger
  • Recording by   Maëva Nizon
  • Project manager   Camille Maréchal

Hungarian dub

  • Studio   Mafilm Audio
  • Directed by   Orsolya Dóczi
  • Translated by   Katinka Tukora
  • Sound engineer   Botond Bartkó
  • Edited by   Erzsébet Simkóné Varga
  • Operations manager   Borbála Cabello-Colini

Polish lector dub

  • Studio   Hiventy Poland
  • Written by   Filip Ginalski
  • Voice-over by   Paweł Bukrewicz
  • Mixing by   Monika Szuszkiewicz
  • Production supervisor   Iwona Lisowska
  • Project coordinator   Aleksandra Furmanowicz

Portugeuse dub

  • Studio   Delart
  • Directed by   João Cappelli
  • Translated by   Mário Menezes
  • Recording by   Raul Dias
  • Mixing by   Luiz Martins


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

Japanese dub

German dub

  • Malte Wetzel   as   Charlie
  • Zina Laus   as   Annie
  • Sebastian Kempf   as   Mike
  • Mike Carl   as   Cap
  • Angela Wiederhut   as   Irene

Spanish dub

  • Ditter Ruiz   as   Charlie
  • Montserrat Aguilar   as   Annie
  • Emmanuel Bernal   as   Mike
  • Andrés García   as   Cap
  • Dulce Chino   as   Irene
  • Manuel Pérez   as   Sam
  • Joaquín López   as   Hiro
  • César Beltrán   as   Boomer
  • Carlos Mireles   as   Wells

Castilian Spanish dub

Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Iván Priego   as   Charlie
  • Irene Miras   as   Annie
  • Masumi Mutsuda   as   Mike
  • José García Tos   as   Cap
  • Maribel Pomar   as   Irene
  • Francesc Belda   as   Sam
  • Frank Gálvez   as   Hiro

French dub

  • Maxime Baudouin   as   Charlie
  • Laure Filiu   as   Annie
  • Adrien Larmande   as   Mike
  • Guillaume Orsat   as   Cap
  • Barbara Beretta   as   Irene
  • Jean-Baptiste Anoumon   as   Sam
  • Anatole De Bodinat   as   Hiro

Hungarian dub

  • Gereben Nagy   as   Charlie
  • Andrea Laudon   as   Annie
  • Ágoston Kenéz   as   Mike
  • Victor Posta   as   Cap
  • Veronika Nádasi   as   Irene
  • Tamás Pál   as   Sam
  • Balázs Láng   as   Hiro
  • Béla Ficzere   as   Boomer

Portuguese dub

  • Cadu Paschoal   as   Charlie
  • Jeane Marie   as   Annie
  • Pablo Argôllo   as   Mike
  • Mauro Horta   as   Cap
  • Jessica Dannemann   as   Irene
  • Vinícius Barros   as   Sam
  • Daniel Müller   as   Hiro


Titans and superspecies

Other monsters

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations


Skull Island was announced on Twitter via Netflix's @NXOnNetflix account on January 27, 2021.[9] Subsequent reports that day confirmed the series' writer and showrunners.[10]

On March 30, 2022, Forbes reported on Netflix's presence at AnimeJapan 2022, including the announcement of a 2022 release date for Skull Island,[3] which it did not meet.

An updated release date of June 22, 2023 was announced that May 23, along with the series' main voice cast.[4][11]

On June 1, co-showrunner Brian Duffield took to Twitter to answer fan questions about Skull Island. Key announcements included the show's length of eight episodes and setting of the early 1990s,[12][13] which he later narrowed to the summer of 1992 or 1993.[14] He also revealed plans for a second season, but stated that it will only happen if "everyone watches season 1."[15] After further questioning on June 22, Duffield described the second season as being "all about [the Hollow Earth]" but "without ever going down into it."[16]


The first image from the series, depicting two characters huddled in the footprint of Kong, was posted by various Twitter accounts including Legendary's and Kong: Skull Island's on June 8.[17][18]

The first teaser trailer and a poster were released almost a year later on May 23.[4] A full-length trailer followed on June 9.[19]


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 髑髏島
Translation of English title
Flagicon Arab world.png Arabic جزيرة الجماجم
Jazirat Aljamajim
Translation of English title
Flagicon Croatia.png Croatian Otok Lubanja Translation of English title
Flagicon Czech Republic.png Czech Ostrov lebek Translation of English title
Flagicon Finland.png Finnish Pääkallosaari Translation of English title
Flagicon Greece.png Greek Η Νήσος του Κρανίου
I Nísos tou Kraníou
The Island of Skull
Flagicon Israel.png Hebrew אי הגולגולת
Y Hgvlgvlt
Translation of English title
Flagicon Hungary.png Hungarian Koponya-sziget Translation of English title
Flagicon South Korea.png Korean 스컬 아일랜드
Seukeol Aillaendeu
Translation of English title
Flagicon Poland.png Polish Wyspa Czaszki Translation of English title
Flagicon Romania.png Romanian Insula Craniilor Translation of English title
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Остров черепа
Ostrov cherepa
Translation of English title
Flagicon Spain.png Spanish La isla Calavera The Skull Island
Flagicon Turkey.png Turkish Kafatası Adası Translation of English title
Flagicon Ukraine.png Ukrainian Острів черепа
Ostriv cherepa
Translation of English title
Flagicon Vietnam.png Vietnamese Đảo Đầu lâu Translation of English title


Skull Island has received generally favorable reviews from critics. 82% of the 17 critical reviews listed on the review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes for the series are positive.[20] Critics have mostly praised its worldbuilding, with Why Tho?'s Kate Sánchez and Jorge Rivera Rubio of QiiBO approving its characters and dialogue. On the contrary, The Verge's Andrew Webster found the dialogue to be "obnoxious" and the characters "unlikable."[20]



Teaser trailer


Clip #1
Clip #2
Episode 1 watch party w/ Nicolas Cantu


  • Powerhouse Animation previously created the opening animation for the indie kaiju video game Dawn of the Monsters (2022).[21]
  • A Skullcrawler appears to bleed red when impaled by Kong in the seventh episode. This would seem to contradict Kong: Skull Island (2017) and Godzilla vs. Kong (2021), where the creatures' blood was depicted as green.
  • Episode 7 of Skull Island, "You're Not a King, You're Just a Stupid Animal," takes place sometime between Kong: Skull Island and the rest of the show.[22]
  • The show's Castilian Spanish dub is the only version whose credits do not change between episodes. As such, characters like Hiro are listed on every episode, despite him only appearing in two.
  • Skull Island is currently the only audiovisual entry in the Monsterverse to not feature Monarch. The only other Monsterverse media in which the organization does not appear is the short comic Godzilla: Fight or Flight.
    • When asked about whether Monarch could appear in a future season of the series, showrunner Brian Duffield stated that he has no plans to include it, as the organization had yet to return to Skull Island in the canon.[23]
  • In a Twitter AMA, Brian Duffield named King Ghidorah as the Titan he would be most interested in pitting against Kong in a future season, were he able to choose any of them.[24][25]
  • Mae Whitman, who voices Annie, previously voiced a character in the Godzilla: The Series episode "Shafted".


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