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Monsterverse television series
Skull Island
Hourglass (working title)
Skull Island
The poster for Skull Island
Air date June 22, 2023
Producer(s) Brian Duffield, Jacob Robinson, et al.
Written by Brian Duffield
Music by Jason Lazarus, Joseph Trapanese[1]
Funded by Legendary Television, Tractor Pants
Production company Powerhouse Animation
Channel(s) Netflix
Rating TV-14[2]
Genre(s) Animation, adventure,[3] fantasy[2]
Episodes 8[4]
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Skull Island is an upcoming Netflix Original animated television series co-produced by Legendary Television and Tractor Pants,[5] based on the former's Monsterverse series of films. Animated by Powerhouse Animation Studios,[6] it is the first television series in the Monsterverse as well as its first entry to be 2D-animated, and the first traditionally animated King Kong series since Kong: The Animated Series ended in 2001. It was originally scheduled to be released to Netflix sometime in 2022,[7] but was pushed back to June 22, 2023.[8] The series will follow a cast of characters who find themselves shipwrecked on the titular Skull Island, where they encounter a host of its monstrous native creatures including its self-appointed Titan guardian: Kong.


A new chapter in Legendary's Monsterverse franchise, Skull Island is a thrilling animated adventure series that follows shipwrecked characters desperate to escape the most dangerous place on Earth — a mysterious island home to prehistoric monsters, including the greatest titan of them all, Kong.[9][3]


Skull Island was announced on Twitter via Netflix's @NXOnNetflix account on January 27, 2021.[6] Subsequent reports that day confirmed the series' writer and showrunners.[5]

On March 30, 2022, Forbes reported on Netflix's presence at AnimeJapan 2022, including the announcement of a 2022 release date for Skull Island,[7] which it did not meet.

An updated release date of June 22, 2023 was announced that May 23, along with the series' main voice cast.[8][10]

On June 1, co-showrunner Brian Duffield took to Twitter to answer fan questions about Skull Island. Key announcements included the show's length of eight episodes and setting of the early 1990s.[4][11] He also revealed plans for a second season, but stated that it will only happen if "everyone watches season 1."[12]


The first image from the series, depicting two characters huddled in the footprint of Kong, was posted by various Twitter accounts including Legendary's and Kong: Skull Island's on June 8.[13][14]

The first teaser trailer and a poster were released almost a year later on May 23.[8] A full-length trailer followed on June 9.[15]


Staff role on the left, staff member's name on the right.

  • Written by   Brian Duffield[5]
  • Executive producers   Brian Duffield, Jacob Robinson,[5] Brad Graeber, Jen Chambers, Thomas Tull[10]


Actor's name on the left, character played on the right.

  • Nicolas Cantu   as   Charlie[10]
  • Mae Whitman   as   Annie[10]
  • Darren Barnett   as   Mike[10]
  • Benjamin Bratt   as   Cap[10]
  • Betty Gilpin   as   Irene[10]
  • Phil LaMarr   as   Sam[10]
  • Fryda Wolff   as   island girl[16]


Titans and superspecies


  • Giant crab
  • Giant red bird
  • Giant blue cephalopod
  • Giant chameleon creature
  • Bulldog-like creature
  • Four-eyed creature
  • Crocodilian creature
  • Giant dodo
  • Giant shelled insect
  • Vine snake





In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Flagicon Japan.png Japanese 髑髏島
Translation of English title
Flagicon Arab world.png Arabic جزيرة الجماجم
Jazirat Aljamajim
Translation of English title
Flagicon Croatia.png Croatian Otok Lubanja Translation of English title
Flagicon Czech Republic.png Czech Ostrov lebek Translation of English title
Flagicon Finland.png Finnish Pääkallosaari Translation of English title
Flagicon Greece.png Greek Η Νήσος του Κρανίου
I Nísos tou Kraníou
The Island of Skull
Flagicon Israel.png Hebrew אי הגולגולת
Y Hgvlgvlt
Translation of English title
Flagicon Hungary.png Hungarian Koponya-sziget Translation of English title
Flagicon South Korea.png Korean 스컬 아일랜드
Seukeol Aillaendeu
Translation of English title
Flagicon Poland.png Polish Wyspa Czaszki Translation of English title
Flagicon Romania.png Romanian Insula Craniilor Translation of English title
Flagicon Russia.png Russian Остров черепа
Ostrov cherepa
Translation of English title
Flagicon Spain.png Spanish La isla Calavera The Skull Island
Flagicon Turkey.png Turkish Kafatası Adası Translation of English title
Flagicon Ukraine.png Ukrainian Острів черепа
Ostriv cherepa
Translation of English title
Flagicon Vietnam.png Vietnamese Đảo Đầu lâu Translation of English title


Teaser trailer


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