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Annie icon.png
Species Human
Age 16
Related to Deceased father, Irene (mother)
Allies Dog, Charlie, Mike
Enemies Irene's group (initally)
First appearance Latest appearance
Skull Island episode 1,
"Maritime Pilot"
Skull Island episode 8,
"You'll Never Catch a Monkey That Way"
Played by Mae Whitman
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That is a big monkey.

— Annie (Skull Island)

Annie is a young castaway who is a main character in the 2023 Netflix animated direct-to-streaming series Skull Island, set within Legendary Pictures' Monsterverse.


Annie is named after Ann Darrow, the female lead of the 1933 King Kong and numerous derivative works.[1]


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Skull Island

"Maritime Pilot"

Annie was a prisoner aboard a large ship full of mercenaries, and decided to make her escape. Although she was handcuffed, she managed to avoid capture, and knocked two of the mercenaries overboard, release a ski boat, and spilled a canister of gasoline on the deck. When she was cornered against the side, she ignited a zippo lighter, which caused her aggressors to laugh until she threw it at the spilled gas and set the deck on fire. With her captors occupied, she used her belt to use the rigging as a zipline down to the ski boat she had released earlier, and jetted away into the night.

During her journey, she may well have met back up with Dog, but with or without him, the boat was destroyed by a sea monster, and she drifted on the wreckage until she was rescued by a young man on a research vessel.

She awoke confused and defensive, unsure of where she was, and insisted that they not make radio contact with anyone. A man gave her coffee, which was unfamiliar to her, and she began to calm down after they clarified that they were good people. The captain assured her that she would be safe, but she noticed a flare in the distance, and informed them that "the sky is on fire." She callously warned the men against going to check out the distress call, encouraging them to let the strangers drown, and worked to get out of her handcuffs while the captain's son Charlie asked her questions, and provided confusing answers to her own. He eventually revealed that as part of their ship's research mission, they dropped charges on the seafloor. After getting clarification that charges were bombs, which she insisted would bring out the monster that had destroyed her boat. Charlie ran to fetch his father, and while she was alone in the wheelhouse, a mercenary entered and threatened her with a knife. Annie defeated him with a wrench, but broke the ship's radio in the process. This drew the others back, and they inquired about the monster, and promised to keep her safe. The mercenary then regained consciousness and accosted the five of them before being yanked off the boat by a big red tentacle. The others left the wheelhouse to help the sailors on deck, and Annie insisted Charlie get to her island. She then watched as the ship was destroyed by the creature's many arms and tentacles. The creature returned a harpoon thrown by Charlie's friend Mike, and it landed at Annie's feet. She used the weapon to break her handcuffs, and broke off its tip to use as a weapon before diving overboard, once again telling Charlie to get to her island. While swimming, she found the captain, tangled in a net and drowning, so she cut him free.




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