Kotaro Rai

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Kotaro Rai
Kotaro Rai in Warrior of Light Diamond Eye
Species Human
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Reporter
Related to Kyoko Osawayama (Love interest)
First appearance Diamond Eye episode 1:
"My Name is Diamond Eye"
Played by Shiro Ohama

Kotaro Rai (雷甲太郎,   Rai Kōtarō), nicknamed Raiko (ライコウ,   Raikō) is a fictional Japanese reporter and motorcyclist, and the deuteragonist of Toho's 1973 tokusatsu television series, Diamond Eye.


Diamond Eye

Kotaro Rai is a reporter for the "Weekly Japan" and an avid motorcyclist, favoring his bike Thunder. Pressured by his superior Gozo Osawayama, Rai finds himself on the trail of a gang of repeated gem thieves. He follows a lead to gem trader Genkairyu, but soon realizes that Genkairyu is actually the leader of the gem thieving gang. Genkairyu restrains Rai with rope and prepares to execute him when suddenly one of the stolen jewels, the "King of Arabia", begins to glow and a voice from it orders Gen to stop. Suddenly, a blue diamond-clad figure appears from the gem and introduces himself as Diamond Eye. He breaks Rai's bonds and chases the gangsters to a field. There, the hero hits the men with twin beams from his eyes which reverts them into their true forms: ancient beasts known collectively as the Zensei Majin. As Raiko watches from the sidelines, Diamond Eye combats the Zensei Majin before him whom include Mojingah, multiple Cow and Horse People, and Genkairyu who was transformed into King Cobra. Ultimately, Mojingah and the Cow and Horse People are defeated at the hands of Diamond Eye, but King Cobra manages to escape with his female accomplice Shudama. Once the chaos is fully subsided, Diamond Eye equips Raiko with a diamond ring, inside of which Diamond Eye resides, and with it he can call forth the hero when necessary.


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