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Mojingah in Diamond Eye
Alternate names Mojinger,
Species Cyclopean Bovine Zensei Majin
Forms Nishida, Killer Hawk, Maddo, Mojingah
Controlled by King Cobra
Relations King Cobra
Allies King Cobra, Princess Cobra, Cow People, Horse People, Hitodetsubo, Kerarin, Wareatama, Kero Cat, Gerarachin, Satan Bat, Onikabuton
Enemies Diamond Eye
First appearance Diamond Eye Episode 1: My Name is Diamond Eye
Thy true form has been seen, Zensei Majin... Mojingah!

Diamond Eye (Diamond Eye)

Mojingah (モージンガー,   Mōjingā) is a cyclopean, bovine kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1973 tokusatsu television program, Diamond Eye, episode being titled My Name is Diamond Eye.


Mojingah is a one-eyed bull-like creature, similar to that of a minotaur, he has dark green and brown skin and wears a loincloth.


Mojingah, is very clumsy and barbaric, but determined to complete the missions that he is assigned to. During battle, he often changes from cowardly to having a strong zeal to destroy his foes.


Diamond Eye

My Name is Diamond Eye

The first human to bear the Mojingah name was a man serving King Cobra under the name Nishida (西田,   Nishida). Nishida was involved in a jewel heist along side King Cobra and Kero Cat, during which Kotaro Rai had been held captive. However suddenly, one of the stolen diamonds flew into the air and burst into a bright flash, releasing a supernatural being named Diamond Eye. After announcing his presence, the hero began to attack many of the thugs present.

In the midst of their battle, Diamond Eye and the remaining underlings of King Cobra escaped to a nearby field, wherein Diamond Eye began to fire off his Inner Soul Illumination Beam which transformed the men into their true forms, revealing a large group of Cow and Horse People. One of the men present happened to be Nishida, who was inevitably caught in Diamond Eye's fire, and was reverted into Mojingah, as well as King Cobra who was also caught in the rays. After all of the horse and cow themed combatants were slain, Diamond Eye had a short fight with King Cobra, before he retreated after being shot with the Stick Ray. A still disguised Kero Cat was seen retreating with him in the scene.

Afterwards, Mojingah tried to take on Diamond Eye, but was no match as he was quickly destroyed with the Royal Punch.

Mojingah's Great Counterattack

Mojingah was reincarnated and took the form of a priest of the name Killer Hawk (殺し屋ホーク,   Koroshi-ya hōku) and was sent out not only to assassinate Kotaro Rai, but also to kill Diamond Eye as well. Killer Hawk's first attempt to assassinate Rai was unsuccessful, as he tried to shoot Rai and missed as he ran off. Afterwards, Killer Hawk sent out to kidnap a child in order to lure Diamond Eye, who is summoned by Rai to save the child.

Killer Hawk tied the child up in chains and left him in a tunnel. Once Diamond Eye arrived, two large doors closed on each end of the tunnel and Mojingah revealed his true form. Since Diamond Eye cannot function properly when light is absent, he was no match for Mojingah who trapped Diamond Eye with the Cursed Ring. Mojingah then teleported away and transformed back into Killer Hawk for a second attempt at killing Rai and two other men.

This second attempt was almost successful, as Rai was shot when failing to summon Diamond Eye. Back in the tunnel, the child began to cry and the glint off his tears was just enough light to help Diamond Eye escape and save Rai. Once Diamond Eye arrived, he fired his Inner-Soul Illumination Beam at Mojingah, revealing his true form. After a short fight, Mojingah yet again trapped Diamond Eye in the Cursed Ring and it was up to the child and the two other men to use the Diamond Stick to free Diamond Eye.

Mojingah chased everyone who grabbed the Diamond Stick and they frequently switched, but eventually Mojingah tired out and Diamond Eye was set free. Mojingah was then destroyed with the Royal Punch.

Kero Cat's Great Game

Mojingah was reincarnated as a man named Maddo (マッド,   Maddo) who was sent by Kero Cat to infect a large group of people with Human Condition, to lead a huge army of Horse and Cow People. Eventually, Rai caught on and chased the army, leading him into getting ambushed and brutally beaten by Maddo, and so he summoned Diamond Eye.

Diamond Eye used his Spirit Cleansing Ray to free the people from Human Condition to and used his Inner-Soul Illumination Beam, revealing Mojingah's true form. After a short fight, Mojingah was quickly tired out, but only temporarily defeated.

Rai escaped across a mountain, only to be ambushed by Princess Cobra and Kero Cat, with Onikabuton also being present within the area. Rai summoned Diamond Eye once more, and the trio retreated. Just afterwards, an injured Mojingah teleported in and fought Diamond Eye for a short while. Mojingah was finally destroyed by Diamond Eye's Royal Punch.



Mojingah's first disguise was a man named Nishida.


Mojingah is capable of quick teleportation.


The first Mojingah wielded a short, metallic quarterstaff.

Killer Hawk

Mojingah's second disguise was a priest named Killer Hawk, who was armed with a silenced pistol.

Cursed Ring

The second Mojingah had a nose ring that he was able to take off and enlarge. He could throw the enlarged ring around his enemies and they would be stuck without being able to escape. This attack was dubbed as the Cursed Ring.


Mojingah often wields a long katana.


Mojingah's third disguise was a man named Maddo who was armed with a dagger.

Explosive Horns

The third Mojingah could pull off and throw his horns and they will explode upon impact. The horns also immediately regenerate.


  • The first Mojingah was completely speechless, not even saying the Zensei Majin's phrase upon being revealed, "Baretaka".


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