King Cobra

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King Cobra
King Cobra in Warrior of Light Diamond Eye
Species Serpentine Zensei Majin
Forms Gen Kai Ryu, King Cobra
Allies Hitodetsubo, Wareatama, Gerarachin, Mojingah, Kerarin, Kero Cat, Satan Bat, Cow People, Horse People, Onikabuton, Princess Cobra
Enemies Diamond Eye
First appearance Diamond Eye
Episode 1: My Name is Diamond Eye
Latest appearance Diamond Eye
Episode 26: King Cobra's Final Battle
Thy true form has been seen, Zensei Majin... King Cobra!

Diamond Eye (Diamond Eye)

King Cobra (キングコブラ,   Kingu Kobura) is a serpentine kaiju and leader of the Zensei Majin created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1973 tokusatsu series, Diamond Eye, titled My Name is Diamond Eye.


King Cobra is a brown monster that is somewhat anthropomorphic. He has pointed ears, a small nose, and cobra appendages on both of his shoulders. He has a face akin to that of a bat.


King Cobra is extremely vicious and cunning, but usually stands back and lets his minions do his dirty-work. He wants to take over the world, so he can lead an army of Zensei Majin to possibly go to war with other civilizations. When he is put into combat (which isn't often), he is very powerful and proves to be even match for Diamond Eye.


Diamond Eye

My Name is Diamond Eye

King Cobra was the leader of the evil monster gang known as the Zensei Majin. King Cobra's objective was to conquer the world and be the true king of the world. But one thing stood in his way, news reporter Kotaro Rai and the spirit Diamond Eye.

He mainly disguised as a man named Gen Kai Ryu (源海龍,   Genkai Ryū) and he went on a jewel heist alongside a group of Horse and Cow People disguised as bandits, Mojingah who was disguised as a man named Nishida, and Kero Cat who was disguised as a woman named Shu Dama. During their heist, young news reporter Kotaro Rai discovered what they were doing and followed them. Rai was caught and almost killed until suddenly, one of the stolen gems flew up in the air releasing Diamond Eye who killed Mojingah and the other combatants. Diamond Eye also had a short fight against King Cobra who teleported away to safety. Kero Cat fled the scene unscathed.

King Cobra's Great Battle!

King Cobra wanted a special gem that was stolen by a small child that could be used to create a special laser rifle that can incinerate anything the laser hits. Kero Cat was sent to do the job and she successfully kidnapped the child and brutally beat him. Rai also stumbled upon the room they were in and was sent into a cellar with the child. Kero Cat tried to kill Rai with the successfully made laser rifle, but missed. Rai summoned Diamond Eye who killed Kero Cat with the Royal Punch after a short fight.

Just afterwards, Diamond Eye challenged King Cobra to a dual. They seemed to have been an even match, both blocking and dodging each other's attacks until they collided in the air, and Diamond Eye stabbed King Cobra in the femur, seriously injuring him, leading to the next episode where he summons his daughter to take his place while he recovers. He also summons Onikabuton as a #2 in command for Princess Cobra while he recovers from his injuries. King Cobra doesn't fully recover until King Cobra's Great Revival, and even then, he still remained weak until a few episodes later.

King Cobra's Final Battle

As King Cobra was trying to think up a way to destroy Diamond Eye once and for all, Hitodetsubo was sent alongside Princess Cobra to kidnap Kotaro Rai's friends, Kaboko and Goro. They successfully do so in an ambush and King Cobra holds them at gunpoint. Rai disguises as one of the bandits to access King Cobra's special room, and sees his friends being tortured. Rai steals King Cobra's gun and holds him at gunpoint, but not for long, as Dogura (Hitodetsubo) enters the room and ties up Rai. Rai then summons Diamond Eye who fires his Inner-Soul Illumination Beam at the evildoers, revealing their true forms. Diamond Eye then frees the trio and they retreat.

Diamond Eye had a short fight with Princess Cobra and Hitodetsubo as King Cobra was present in the room. King Cobra activated a trap door beneath Diamond Eye, leading him into King Cobra's secret lair, where Diamond Eye was attacked by Mojingah, Hitodetsubo, Kerarin, Wareatama, Gerarachin, a Cow Person, and a Horse Person. After a shortish battle, Diamond Eye was able to get the group to pile together and destroy all of them with a single Royal Punch.

Meanwhile, Princess Cobra and King Cobra found Rai and his friends once more and chained them. Diamond Eye found them, but King Cobra had Diamond Eye in chains as well. Princess Cobra was told by her father to execute Rai, but Rai convinced her to refuse, and a furious King Cobra then slit her throat. Diamond Eye then challenged King Cobra to a final dual and King Cobra was quickly defeated with the Royal Punch. Diamond Eye used his Spirit Cleansing Ray to turn Princess Cobra back into Rankha, who was no longer possessed by the demon. The group had a small conversation before Diamond Eye left, acknowledging that he no longer had to protect Rai or anyone else from the now destroyed Zensei Majin gang.


Gen Kai Ryu

King Cobra's main disguise is a man of the name Gen Kai Ryu, however he is often seen in other disguises.

Snake Bullets

King Cobra can fire explosive bullets from the two snakes seen on his shoulder.


King Cobra will sometimes be seen wielding a naginata.


King Cobra will sometimes be seen wielding a scimitar.


King Cobra is capable of teleportation.


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