My Name is Diamond Eye

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Diamond Eye Episodes
My Name is Diamond Eye
Defeat the Zensei Majin!
My Name is Diamond Eye
My Name is Diamond Eye
Series Diamond Eye
Episode # 1
Directed by Masahiro Takase
Written by Tsunehisa Itō
Air date October 5, 1973

My Name is Diamond Eye (わが ()はダイヤモンド・アイ,   Waga na wa Daiyamondo Ai) is the first episode of Diamond Eye.


The series begins with two people watching a dirt bike race. they begin to cheer as bike number five draws near. Just as it is about to cross the finish line, a woman in festival clothes shouts something that causes him to crash. his friends go to him to see if he is alright. When they find him unharmed, the woman in festival clothes begins to spank him as reporters crowd around them. The show then cuts to some men eating lunch. One shows the other a newspaper article of the racer being humiliated. The two begin to talk about the article, but just as one man gets up to leave, one of the race spectators, revealed to be named Goro, bursts in and tells the younger man some important news, and they ride off on his motorcycle to the airport where the young man, named Kotaro Rai, meets with a man who gives him a lead on a stolen diamond. Rai and his photographer friends monitor the airport desk for suspicious activity, but they are soon found out and the smugglers flee, prompting Rai to chase them. While on the road, the smugglers call for a sniper to fire at Rai and his friend Goro. They eventually must abandon the motorcycle to rescue a child who was caught in the crossfire and was shot. They get the child help and return to their office to speak with their editor Mr. Hayakawa about the diamonds and how great a story they will make. He is ultimately rejected, but his friends offer to help him chase the smugglers. Rai is then seen visiting the boy who was shot in the hospital. he is soon joined by his friend. Rai begins to vent some intense feelings to his friend, which awakens the sleeping victim. Rai is then filled with hope and is seen working with Goro and discovering that the diamonds are being smuggled inside of dolls. Rai then rides out to find some of the dolls, but he is found again by the smugglers. He flees into the forest, and eventually comes across the smugglers' headquarters, where he is ambushed. He fights them, but is soon captured and brought to the smugglers' leader, the man who gave him the tip at the airport, who is being betrayed by the desk worker from the airport. Rai continues to try and fight until he is put at gunpoint. At that time, one of the diamonds in the room began to float, and out of it came Diamond Eye who fought off the smugglers who were revealed to be Horse People and Cow People. Two smugglers are revealed to be Mojingah, whom Diamond Eye kills, and King Cobra, who escapes with Kero Cat who was still in her disguise. He then gives Rai a ring and flies away.


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