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Rodan incarnations
Rodan (Monsterverse)
Rodan (Godzilla Singular Point)
Rodan® trademark icon
A Rodan in episode 1 of Godzilla Singular Point
A Rodan in episode 3 of Godzilla Singular Point
A giant Rodan in episode 10 of Godzilla Singular Point
Alternate names Rodan (2021)[1]
Subtitle(s) Radio Wave Monster
(電波怪獣,   Denpa Kaijū)
Species Giant extradimensional radioactive winged creature
Length ~5 meters (second form)[2]
Forms First form, second form, black Rodan
Allies Other Rodan
Enemies Jet Jaguar, Godzilla, Goro Otaki, Yun Arikawa, Haberu Kato, Harvey, Li Guiying
First appearance Latest appearance
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 1, "Terzetto"
Godzilla Singular Point
episode 13, "Together"

Rodans (ラドン,   Radon) are flying reptilian kaiju who appear in the 2021 anime series Godzilla Singular Point.


Rodan's Japanese name, Radon, is a truncation of "Pteranodon." It may also have been chosen to suggest radiation. The name was changed to "Rodan" in English-speaking markets, possibly to avoid confusion with the element Radon. Toho eventually trademarked the name "Rodan," making it the monster's official English name. Within the series, Rodan carcasses were found to give off traces of radon gas, likely inspiring the name.

A feudal depiction of a flock of hat-wearing Rodan fighting against a samurai refers to them as Radon Tengu (羅甸天狗), equating them to the tengu of Japanese folklore: often birdlike humanoids who wear black boxes atop their heads. After it was concluded that the Rodan emit radio waves, they were given the nickname Radio Wave Monster (電波怪獣,   Denpa Kaijū) The creatures are also referred to as "Space Monsters" (宇宙怪獣,   Uchū Kaijū) due to a theory that they are extraterrestrial in nature.

While the pinkish and giant Rodan do not have official names, the second Rodan was initially labeled "Rodan Adult" on the official Godzilla Singular Point site.[3]. On June 4, it was renamed "Rodan Second Form".[4] The Godzilla Singular Point Fan Book describes the giant Rodan as a "large black Rodan" (黒く大きなラドン,   kuroku ōkina Radon),[2] while director Atsushi Takahashi called it "the big Rodan" in the Blu-ray audio commentary for episode 10.[5]


For Godzilla Singular Point, Rodan was designed by monster design artist Eiji Yamamori, who based its design on pterosaurs such as Quetzalcoatlus. As Rodan was planned to arrive from the sea, Yamamori based their silhouette on that of sea birds such as the albatross. Sketeches by Yammamori were then sent to concept artist Yuji Kaneko, who determined the color and textures given to the designs.[6] Orange Co., Ltd. handled the modeling and animation of Rodan.

In the Blu-ray audio commentary for episode two of Godzilla Singular Point, director Atsushi Takahashi revealed plans to give Rodan an aquatic form, which would be a first for the character.[7] The form was discarded at the eleventh hour for unknown reasons. Nonetheless, this version of Rodan emerges from the ocean, as screenwriter Toh EnJoe reasoned it was the only way for their point of origin to be undetectable via satellite.[8] In the episode 10 commentary, Takahashi added that the giant Rodan who appeared in that episode was originally going to have a much larger role in the story as "there was a need for a big Rodan."[5] He requested new designs from Eiji Yamamori, but scheduling complications prevented him from creating a brand new third form for Rodan, and he ultimately modified the second-form Rodan model instead. In addition to the physical and color changes, Takahashi also asked for this Rodan to emit "some mysterious power."[5] Concept art for second-form Rodan features Godzilla-like spines on its back, although this ultimately went unused.[9]


This incarnation of Rodan has a physique closely resembling a real pterosaur, sporting a large head and walking on its wings. In its first form, Rodan resembles the pterosaur Dsungaripterus, with a long upward-curved beak and a crest on its snout. The inside of its mouth is completely covered in teeth, which can be seen on the upper beak even when the mouth is fully closed. In between the top and bottom of the upper beak is a row of uniform blue scales starting a quarter of the way from the tip and ending at the eye. On the back of its head is a singular, Pteranodon-like crest, covered in a yellow and white pattern which runs along its back to the end of its long tail. Along Rodan's long neck is a blue dewlap, where the color spreads along the bottom jaw and lower beak. On its forehead, back, and tail are blue fins with its tail fin resembling one of Godzilla's dorsal fins, with blood veins running up each one. Along its chest are rows of spikes which come to an end along its stomach. Rodan is mainly light red, with the previously mentioned blue highlights and white and yellow back patterning.

Second-form Rodans are brown, with the back patterning becoming mainly white and blue highlights being dark red. The beaks on these Rodans are straight, with similar but unexposed teeth. The keratin of the head envelops most of the head, only stopping at the back of the head and beginning of the neck. The scales leading up to the eye start three quarters up the beak. These Rodans lack fins on their heads, instead they have a crest that starts on the head and ends in the traditional double crests.

The giant Rodan in episode 10 appears nearly identical to second-form Rodans, but has a smaller head with a larger pronounced chest and is mostly pitch black in color, with grey scales leading up to its eyes. The inside of the giant Rodans mouth glows yellow. A black mist emanates from this Rodan's body, as well as what appears to be embers.


Rodan are trans-dimensional kaiju composed of a metamorphic particle called Archetype and require it to survive in the human world, and only manifest when it is abundant. The use of biologically incorporated Archetype is how the species changes with time, meta-morphing from the first form to the second form and presumably the third form.


The first-form Rodan was quite clumsy and slow to thought, smashing into objects as it attempted to land and not noticing its perch cracking and falling under its own weight until it was thrown off by the falling billboard. In spite of this, it was also quite curious and playful, preferring to simply watch the town from its perch and stare at Yun Arikawa when it initially cornered him and playing with Jet Jaguar's limp head after defeating the robot.

Second-form Rodan are more single-minded, heading directly towards their desired destinations and attacking anything in their way, though they are shown to be able to coordinate group attacks.


Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


During the Summer Monster Festival, a first-form Rodan appeared and perched on a billboard until it collapsed under the kaiju's weight, sending the Rodan falling to the ground. As it got up, it noticed Yun Arikawa helping a fallen child and began investigating them.


As the Rodan stared at them, Goro Otaki in Jet Jaguar came to their defense, provoking the kaiju into attacking the mech. After a brief fight, Rodan managed to heavily damage the mech and force Goro out, whom it began chasing until Yun directed Jet Jaguar to do a dance that hit the Rodan and distracted it long enough for Goro to retreat. Once again dispatching the mech, Rodan turned its attention toward nearby onlookers, charging them and destroying vehicles until Yun made enough noise to grab its attention and get the kaiju to chase him. As it closed in on Yun, Goro rammed into Rodan with his truck and a reprogrammed Jet Jaguar attacked it. Instead of continuing the fight, Rodan flew into the sky where it began panicking until it suddenly died and slammed into the ground. Over the next few days, 7 more Rodan carcasses were discovered. In the ocean, a swarm of second-form Rodan began flying out of the red tide and towards the mainland.


The swarm of Rodan attacked multiple coastal cities in Japan as they were drawn to the radio waves they emitted. Goro, Yun, and Haberu Kato attempted to lure away the flock using their Gyro Z, and successfully attracted a group of them, only to crash when a crashed bus blocked the road. Goro hid inside the truck alongside a school girl and the driver, while Yun and Haberu made it to an off-road shelter alongside another school girl and two others. As they were hiding, a radio inside the bus caught the attention of a Rodan, who smashed through the front window and destroyed the radio before entering the bus itself. As the Rodan investigated the bus the school girl offered to distract it with her bow, accidentally drawing the Rodan further in before they could move along with the idea. As the Rodan moves in, Yun precisely cut some water bottles and had the other school girl shoot them on arrows, the noise distracting the Rodans long enough for him and Haberu to reach their Gyro and turn begin luring the Rodan once again, eventually picking up a large number of the swarm. By the time the Gyro begins running out of power, the Rodan once again begin dropping dead, eventually killing or knocking out most of the swarm.


With most of the swarm dead, Rodan carcasses were gathered up and either disposed of or shipped off for research. Some of these Rodan were still alive and attacked the workers, only to be killed by them and other staff. One of these carcasses was stolen and eaten by Anguirus.


Flocks of second-form Rodan appeared along the Pacific Rim, attacking coastal cities.


A large flock of Rodan invaded and overwhelmed New York City while spreading large amounts of Red Dust across the city.


Large swarms of Rodan managed to overwhelm several inland cities and spread out their Red Dust to the point that civilians had to wear masks. These Rodan were found to be immune to the signal developed by Otaki Factory.


A large flock of Rodan attacked a traffic jam of evacuating civilians in London, Makita, Mei, and Li being among them. During the chaos, a flock of Rodan descended on Li while Mei could only watch helplessly as they ripped her apart.


During Godzilla Terrestris's rampage in Tokyo, a gigantic shadowy Rodan charged at him, only to be seemingly destroyed by a single blast from his mouth-beam. The JSDF unsuccessfully tried to locate the giant Rodan's carcass soon after, their progress halted by Godzilla and the Red Dust.


Flocks of second-form Rodan were seen flying around Godzilla Ultima. Later while trekking through a channel on their way to Godzilla, the Otaki crew encountered a first-form Rodan resting nearby which proceeded to attack them, only to be killed by Jet Jaguar.


A few Rodan chased a group of soldiers around the ruins of the city. As they circled in for the kill, Jet Jaguar intervened, killing five using the Spear of Anguirus and causing the others to retreat.


As the Otaki crew prepared to end Godzilla once and for all, a large flock of Rodan attacked them, and chased Yun and Jet Jaguar soon after. Jet managed to kill several but they kept on coming. Before the flock could finish them, they stopped as they had gotten too close to Godzilla Ultima. Godzilla, who was awoken by the disturbance, proceeded to fire his atomic breath, completely vaporizing the flock.


Physical capabilities

A First Form Rodan throwing Jet Jaguar.

A first-form Rodan was strong enough to tear off Jet Jaguar's arms and throw him around. Second-form Rodan can crash vehicles and, in swarms, easily dispatched Harvey.


A first-form Rodan was left completely uninjured after fighting Jet Jaguar and being slammed into by Goro's truck, while second-form Rodan could slam themselves into metal doors with little ill effect. When inside the Red Dust, Rodan were noted to be much stronger, with some calling them invincible.


Although slower than previous incarnations, the Rodans are capable of flight and can also hover in the air for extended periods of time.

Radio wave emission and sight

The Rodans passively emit radio waves from their bodies. It is stated in the Godzilla Singular Point novelization that Rodan have the ability to actually see radio waves, as well as the lyrics of "ALAPU UPALA."[citation needed]


The Rodans travel in large groups and will swarm any attacker they find. This was shown when Harvey tried to subdue a Rodan only to become surrounded and dispatched by several others, and when they where chasing Yun and Jet Jaguar through Tokyo.


Jet Jaguar decapitating a Second Form Rodan.

Unlike other kaiju, Rodan are susceptible to conventional weapons. They were killed by machine gun fire and Jet Jaguar's spear easily cut through them. The Rodans are also dependent on the Red Dust to survive; they are much less durable outside of it and will die if they stay without it for too long.

Video games



Main article: Rodan/Gallery.


Rodan recycles roars from previous incarnations of the character. While staring down Yun Arikawa and a child in Episode 2, it also emits a stock roar believed to originate in the 1957 Universal Pictures films The Land Unknown and The Deadly Mantis. Toto also used this stock roar.


  • Rodan is the only kaiju to appear in every episode of Godzilla Singular Point in some capacity.
  • A Rodan corpse seen in Episode 4 appears to have characteristics of both first and second-form Rodans. It is unclear if this is a transitional phase between the two forms.[11]
  • This incarnation of Rodan shares its subtitle (電波怪獣 Denpa Kaijū) with the Ultra Kaiju Beacon from Return of Ultraman. In Episode 3, during the recovery of the Gyro Z after a Rodan attack, a musical cue similar to the Monster Attack Team's theme from the same show plays.
  • The orange glow emitted from the giant Rodan's mouth in episode 10 may suggest that it had some form of beam attack, though it was shot down by Godzilla Terrestris before it could demonstrate this.


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