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Godzilla Singular Point episodes
The title card of "Gadabout"
Series Godzilla Singular Point
Episode # 4
Directed by Tsuyoshi Tobita, Takuma Suzuki
Written by Toh EnJoe
Air date
  • April 15, 2021 (Netflix)JP
  • April 22, 2021 (television)
  • June 24, 2021 (Netflix)int'l
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"Gadabout" (まだみぬみらいは,   Madaminu Mirai wa, lit. "The Future Not Yet Seen") is the fourth episode of Godzilla Singular Point. Directed by Tsuyoshi Tobita and Takuma Suzuki, it debuted on the Japanese Netflix on April 15, 2021 and on Japanese television April 22.


The same fishermen who first observed the swarm of Rodan nearly have their boat capsized by a group of massive aquatic creatures who suddenly emerge from the red sea.

The JSDF is preparing to freeze 100 Rodan carcasses for research purposes, with another 3,700 to be delivered to the site soon. Watching a report on TV, Haberu Kato questions whether the signal from Misakioku Radio Observatory is responsible for drawing them to Nigashio, but Yun Arikawa responds that Rodan have now been discovered elsewhere in the country. Still, he is intrigued enough by the possibility to want to investigate. Yun calls Shunya Sato as he watches Goro Otaki receive a letter of gratitude for his exploits against the Rodan and plays him "Alapu Upala." Sato confirms the connection, but explains that the signal was accidental.

The red material spread by the Rodan is christened "Red Dust". Takehiro Kai peppers the scientist announcing the name with questions, including whether different types of monsters will soon emerge. While on a flight to Dubai, Mei continues to ponder the string of numbers and letters Yun sent her. Pelops II suggests that it has been encoded with the MD5 hash function, and she tries futilely to guess the original phrase. Butler Makita K. Nakagawa meets her at the airport and drives her to the site of Dr. Li Guiying's lecture.

As pundits and the general public speculate on how the Rodan could have evolved so quickly from their initial appearances, Haberu and Yun spy on the JSDF site. Yun proposes that the Rodan can evolve at will in response to their environment, and are still learning how to stay alive for longer periods. Sato meets with them; while unable to divulge everything, he questions why anyone would send out the signal on purpose, as "that thing" can't still be alive. Yun tricks him into revealing he's talking about a skeleton by correctly guessing that it's stored in the basement of Misakioku. After he leaves, Haberu notices that one of the Rodan is now missing. Sato recalls how Tsunetomo Yamamoto shut off an alarm in the basement the day he showed him the dinosaur skeleton, concluding that the song was indeed coming from the bones.

Mei and Makita arrive just in time to see politician Michael Steven, who also works with the SHIVA.consortium, introduce Guiying. She explains Archetype's incredible properties—light yet durable, and also able to regenerate itself. Until recently, it has only been a hypothetical material, but she reveals four Archetype cubes and showcases their ability to trap a laser and increase its energy, which soon causes them to shatter. Mei interrupt her, speculating that Archetype is refracting the light through time, explaining how it can violate the law of conservation with energy. She flushes with embarrassment as the rest of the audience stares at her, but Guiying is unfazed, recognizing her at once.

In a mysterious underground facility, a carefree man descends into a chamber which has not been opened in six years to investigate the stirrings of a monster within. Following the path of the supposedly escaped Rodan into the forest, Haberu and Yun realize the footprints belong to another unusual creature. They soon come upon what's left of the Rodan. After the lecture, Guiying introduces Mei to Steven, but he quickly storms off after telling Guiying about a survey team sent to a lake. As he calls Guiying away, she asks Mei to deliver a report on her theory by tomorrow. Continuing to follow the footprints, Haberu and Yun come upon Kai, who is also on the monster's trail. After realizing that she left her suitcase key inside her suitcase without locking it, Mei realizes that Yun has already told her the answer to his puzzle: "solve it and find out." Their conversation resumes, during which he likens Archetype to MD5; to determine what exactly it is, every possible molecular grouping and atomic structure would have to be tested. This should be impossible, but SHIVA has clearly done it, leaving four possibilities: a super calculator, an improbable genius, improbable luck, or already knowing the answer. Its violation of the laws of physics, however, suggest it's not of this world.

JSDF soldiers in a transport discuss a Rodan reviving before coming upon a toppled truck in the middle of the road. One soldier soon finds the passengers, who urge him to be quiet before fleeing as a giant ankylosaur-like monster reveals itself. Nearby, Haberu, Yun, and Kai hear the report of his rifle.


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  • An airline seen at the Dubai airport is named Bones, after one of the animation studios that worked on Godzilla Singular Point. A Twitter user seen in a compilation of Tweets is also named @bones.
  • One of the Rodan corpses seen appears to have characteristics of both its first and second forms. It is unclear if this is a transitional phase between the two forms.
  • Mei points out the Burj Khalifa while traveling through Dubai. The tallest building in the world, the millions of LEDs on its surface have been used to display images from Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong as part of those films' marketing.[1][2]


This is a list of references for Gadabout. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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